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bmyers workout log
Abs and legs today. I changed up the routine a little. I have started increasing the number of reps I'm doing, but I start at a lower weight and work my way up. So on the ab crunch machine I started at 55lbs and worked my way up to 130lbs doing a total of 70 reps on the machine. I followed this new pattern on all the machines today, which takes more time, so no time to walk on the elliptical.
Upper body work out today. Gym was unsually empty today, but guessing between deer season and the holiday quickly approaching that would account for the lighter crowd.
Upper body and elliptical today. Made the mile again in under 10 minutes, 9 minutes 48 seconds.
Abs and elliptical.
Rhonda up and cooking. I ran over to the gym and did upper body, abs, and elliptical. I figure take advantage of it today since I'm not venturing out tomorrow with all the crazy shoppers.

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