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bmyers workout log
I made it 42 floors in 20 minutes, so doubled my performance from a few days ago
Still pushing along. Doing the same routine, except on Saturdays i have added the step machine. This Saturday the goal will be 54 floors which will get me to the halfway mark of my overall goal.
Well I made it to the top of the arch today, which is 63 floors and I walked 64 floors on the step machine. So I'm slowly getting towards my goal of 108 floors.
I made the mile on the elliptical in 9 minutes and 5 seconds. I was trying to get in the 8 minute time frame, will have to keep working on it.
Skipped the gym Monday and Tuesday, getting back into the routine. Starting next Tuesday, everyone is going back to counting calories.
Spent 25 minutes on the elliptical and did the upper body work out.

Also, went back to counting calories starting today.
I stood on the scale on the 1st and the holidays have not been nice to the waistline. Although all the food was very good, now I have additional weight to work on taking off.
Well, down 2lbs after the first week of dieting. Increased the cardio I'm doing by trying to get to the gym 20 minutes earlier so I have time to do a little cardio everyday.
They have added some new machines at the gym, guess I will have to take a Saturday and try to figure out how these new torture devices work and if I want to add them to my routine.
I tried to make a jle in less than 9 minutes and was doing good then stumbled a little and got off pace and couldn't pull it back together. I made it in 9 minutes and 44 seconds. I will keep trying.

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