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bmyers workout log
Set a new records for myself, I made the mile in 8 minutes and 24 seconds on the elliptical. Heart rate was in the 160s by the end of the mile, but came down quickly when I slowed the pace. I didn't think I would ever break the 9 minutes mark, but finally it happened. I guess now the goal will be to see if I can break the 8 minute mark.
Moving along with the 5x5. So far, been able to increase weight each time like the plan has it scheduled.
I'm at the half way point or just over it for the 5x5 12 week plan.

Squated a 115 lbs 25 times;
OH press is 90 lbs 25 times;
Deadlift 185 lbs 5 times;
BP 90lbs 25 times;
Barbell rows of 110 lbs 25 times.

So, I'm pleased with the progress I'm making following the plan. On the days that I do the 5x5, I'm also doing additional machine workouts to add to it. On the off days (Tuesday and Thursdays) I doing cardio. Been hitting the elliptical harder. I'm making improvements there, now I have to maintain between 5.5-6 MPH rate to keep my heart rate above 114 beats per minute. Use to be just looking at the machine got my heart beating faster than that.

I'm guessing it is all working because Rhonda commented today while I was getting dressed that she can see some big improvements in my arms and chest. I told her I didn't see that much. She walked over and poked me in the chest and said see, this isn't soft anymore.

Well, if she is happy, I'm happy.
Squated a 155 lbs 25 times;
OH press is 105 lbs 25 times;
Deadlift 225 lbs 5 times;
BP 115 lbs 25 times;
Barbell rows of 135 lbs 25 times.
Was able to do my 5x5 squats (165 lbs) today and my deadlifts (230 lbs), but fell 4 short on my overhead press (110 lbs), so I won't increase the weight on the OHP next time. You wouldn't think 25 presses is that much, but my arms just couldn't do it, even with Rhonda cheering me along.

On the plus side, the shoulder issue I was having two years ago, has went away. I need to follow up with the ortho, but I think I have strengthen it enough that it is no longer and issue and the pain is gone. Sure beats having surgery.
Taking this week off from the 5x5 and doing some other exercises.

Hitting cardio every day. Worked out on some of the machines that I haven't touched since starting the 5x5.

Will go back to the 5x5 next week, just wanted a little change in pace to go along with a busy week.
Spent 25 minutes on the elliptical and then went and worked the abs today.
Hurt my foot Friday, went to urgent care today, so I'm out of the gym for a week so while it heals up.
Went to the doctor and x-rays, inflamed Achilles is the issue. HE said no treadmill, elliptical, jogging, or squats for at least week.

So, I went and worked on upper body this morning and did 15 minutes on the bicycle (he recommended that for the next few weeks while I let that heal).
Started back yesterday, did 15 minutes on the treadmill and ankle seems fine. Also did some squats, but did it at a third of the weight I had been doing it just to see how the ankle felt.

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