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bmyers workout log
I split you off the other thread partner and started a new thread for you to log your progress in  Smile

10 minutes on the bike
15 minutes treadmill
Throwing a weighted ball for 5 minutes
Some step exercising, then squarts, then other stuff had to do that for 7 minutes
Then leg exercises on three different machines for one minute each
Then some other torched device that worked my upper body
Finally I was done

I think she ius trying to kill me

12-minute abs room at Planet fitness
15 minutes on the bike
I only made it 5 minutes on the elliptic (I think that is the name of that torture device)
160 lbs single leg pushes 1 set of 8 each
205 lbs leg squeeze 2 sets of 10
205 lbs leg push apart (I don't know the name of it) 2 sets of 10
140 lbs on some twisty device to work your abs 1 set of 8 each
The body pull up machine 115 lbs did 8

I was then to tired to go on anymore, we worked out about 45 minutes. My wife is keeping track on how many and what weight and then we are slowly increasing each time we go and/or changing the difficulty level. It is a slow process, but it took me a while to get this out of shape, so I don't plan on getting back into shape overnight.
Went to gym this morning at 4AM. I didn't realize that there was that many crazy people working out at the gym at that time of the morning.

Rhonda and I spent the morning try out new machines we hadn't used. Have to admit was a little intimidating being down there with people that are all fit and actually know how to the machines. Yet, we did it. We just went down a row of machines, looked at the picture and then tried to do 8 reps on the machine. Some machines were easy and we kept increasing the weight, a couple, I struggled with getting to the initial 8 reps with the weight I started out at. My arms and shoulders are sore now.

We finished off with me on the treadmill and she doing the elliptical.

Tomorrow, it will be back to the ab workout and legs.

Just to give a little background, in March of 2016 I stepped on the scale and I was 297 lbs. I had to make a decision to either go up to a size 50 pants or do something to try to deal with the weight.

My wife went on a diet and joined a gym. I thought she was crazy, but I agreed to stop drinking soda. In August of 2016 by doing nothing but stopping soda I had dropped down to 271 lbs.

So, I started using the app MyFittnessPal and counting calories. I could eat whatever I wanted, just had to count the calories. I got down to 234 lbs and a size 38 pants. I went from a XXXL to a XL shirt size.

In June of 2017 I noticed that I have stalled bouncing from 234-240 lbs.

I tried increasing my walking, but just not making much progress.

So, Rhonda cancelled her gym membership and her fancy gym and got us a membership to Planet Fitness. So Last week was the first time I went with her. I managed to go three times with her. It was a rough week, but I made it.

The goal this week is to make it 6 days a week with her. This is learning experience for both of us. We are trying to make it fun and beneficial. We get a good laugh watching other trying to figure out how to use some of these torture devices.

Hopefully, getting into the exercising will help move the weight further down on the scale. My goal is to be around 200 lbs and a size 30/32 waist, so we will see if I can get there.

The one thing I noticed this weekend, when I shot the IDPA match, I came in 10th using my G19. I went from 6th place to 10th due to a hit on a non-threat. What surprised me was how well I did. I usually can finish in the top half of shooters, but since losing weight and starting to move a little more at least at this match, it helped me break into the top 10.
Well, I made it another day. Today focused on legs and abs. Ran out of time before I could get on the treadmill. I did 8 different machines today working on getting 3 sets of 8 on each machine. Started out strong, by the last machine, I was struggling. I had sweat pouring out all over me, looked like I just got at of the shower and Rhonda who has been doing this for months hadn't even broken a sweat.

I had to leave to go to work, she was going to work out for another hour and half (a friend meets her there everyday and they workout once I leave (on Saturdays we all workout together)).
Cardio today

I did 20 minutes on the treadmill and made it 8 minutes on the elliptical.

My goal is to eventually make the full 30 minutes on the elliptical, but that thing kicks my butt right now.
Today was abs and legs

Once again Rhonda hardly broke a sweat and I looked like I just walked in from a downpour.

I add chinups to the workout today. I had to use the assisted chinup machine, my upper body is no where near strong enough yet. I struggled through and got 24 done, (2 sets of 5 and the last set I could only get 4).
(08-07-2017, 11:07 AM)bmyers Wrote: ... I stepped on the scale and I was 297 lbs.

... I got down to 234 lbs ...

Wow! 60+ lbs in about a year, that's awesome! Keep it up!

Today when I weighed I was 238lbs.
Another day under my belt. We did upper body today and boy are my arms and shoulders sore.

I have started a spreadsheet so we can keep track on what we are doing and see how we are progressing.
Well made a two new goals today, 25 minutes of elliptical training today. I was soaking wet by the time I was done, but I made it. My second goal was to workout for 6 days straight.

On another plus note, I was able to fit into an XL shirt today and not have to lube myself up to slide it on. From last August to this August I have went from a XXXL to an XL and from a size 48 pants to a size 38 pants.

Still have a ways to go, but getting there, slowly, but surely.

I weighed today and the old scaled showed 238lbs.

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