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Let's talk Linux.
Been running a Linux based Operating System for over 5 years(maybe more like 6) and it does everything I want/need to do without having to pay MicroSux Tribute Money to use their crappy OS. Anyone else who's fed up with MicroSux would do well to check out some of the GNU/Linux operating systems, especially if you have older hardware and want to install something that'll make it run like new. Anyway, enjoy and I'll talk to ya'll later.

I have a box running Mint. It is my print server and my media server. It runs so well I forget about it.
I think one thing that scares a lot of people away from Linux based op systems is that they're free. For some reason we've come to view anything that's free as either not worth anything or having some kind of catch to it. Not the case with Linux, it's free because of the GNU Public License that's attached to it so while you could burn DVD's of your favorite Distro and sell them it's just so easy to simply download the Distro you want and make your own DVD/USB Stick to do your install from. Like I said, I'll NEVER go back to Windows and don't need Mac anymore since my Linux install is safe, secure and easy to use with it's Xfce desktop environment. I totally love Linux.
I've used Linux as my os for years! Xubuntu has been my favorite goto flavor. I got a new laptop for work a few months back, I imaged the Win10 system just in case then installed Xubuntu 16.04.2. It ran great until a week or so ago! Some update crashed the system after about 5 minutes every reboot. It seems like soon as I do anything that writes to the HDD it chrashes. I tried fixes and workarounds a plenty, but couldn't get it to come back to life and I had to work. So I restored that Win10 image and my documents and got back to work. Its been a sad transition.
If you're still using the older spinning HDD then I'd switch it up to a good SSD and do a re-install. SDDs are dirt cheap right now and you can easily pick up a 128GB one off of Amazon for $60 bucks. I've run Xubuntu and Ubuntu MATE but always come back to the Xfce desktop since I can set it up and do things with it that I can't do with the others. Currently I've moved from Voyager GS Gaming on my main system to Linux Mint Xfce and just like all the other Distros I've run it seems to be working great. I did give Solus a try but was having issues with Firefox freezing up when I tried to install some Ad-Ons so that's why I moved over to Linux Mint. Manjaro is also pretty good if you like a Rolling Release since it's based on Arch. There's just so many good Distros out there it's sometimes hard to pick one and I think that's what scares off a lot of new users. They're just overwhelmed by the number of Distros to choose from.

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