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Survival Guide
I have one of these books 'SAS Survival Handbook, Third Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Anywhere' in each one of our bags. They are small and I place them inside a ziploc bag to help keep them dry and undamaged. 

They serve two purposes. The first is as a resource. The book is packed with information and it is nice to have a resource handy. In stressful times you may forget some of the simplest things and this book provides the ability to jolt your mind and help you come up with the correct survival plan for you. Secondly, it also provides you with something to do while you are waiting to fall a sleep or needing to just pass the time. I also have a Bible in each bag and playing cards, but this adds one more tool to allow one to pass the time.
Both books are a great idea.
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where do you get them, post a link.

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