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CERT Class
I don't know how many of you have taken the CERT class, but if you haven't it is a very good class. Especially for those just getting into prepping. 

Here is a link to more info:

Basically, the first two classes you spend evaluating your own personal preparedness and then going over what the government recommends. You then go through and learn how the general response will be to a disaster in your area. You will have a class on fire fighting and you practice using a fire extinguisher which many folks own but have never used on an actual fire. There is first aid/CPR training you go through which the first aid takes a little different approach. It goes over using the store bought supplies, but then goes into improvising and using other items to make splints, control bleeding, etc. Finally, it ends with a mock disaster where everyone gets to put their skills to the test.

When we finished with the 40 hour class we were given a backpack with various pieces of equipment, which is a start to very basic GHB. 

If you have friends/family that might be on the fence about preparing for a disaster, this would be a good way to introduce them into and potentially make them a resource to help the neighbors. I know the class quality will vary from instructor to instructor. I was fortunate to have an instructor that was very active in the CERT program and understood that this was just the beginning of preparations. He pointed out that 72 hours of supplies was not enough, that two weeks is a better starting point. 

Knowledge is one of the best resources you can have.

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