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Bulk Water storage part 42387514
The number is my attempt at a silly joke. I know that water storage has come up a million times before. However, i am going to ask the question a different way.

I am a fan of the 2L bottle method,  but for heath reasons I've been drinking less soda. So, no more free bottles. Also, unless you can lay them on their side like wine, they aren't a very efficient form of storage because they are so 'short.  

Most preppers are a fan of the $15, 7 gallon aquatainers from walmart. That is what i am leaning towards at the moment. I also have a single, 5 gallon water cooler bottle that fits in my space pretty well.

I have a fairly narrow space that im trying to fit into.

I am also pondering a 15 gallon or 30 gallon barrel from  The downside with anything over 6 gallons is that it gets hard to move / use/ transport. 

So, my question is, what other storage containers are people using for more than 5 gallons but less than 30.
I will be curios to hear also. I have a few 5 gallon water jugs, 4 to be exact. We have multiple 2L bottles and we keep several cases of water which we rotate through them.
Carboys do a good job. I have a couple of glass ones.
I have never heard of 'Car Boys' so I looked it up

They look very much like Aquatainers from Walmart, only more expensive.

After doing some Google, I found that sells a 'Gamma 5 gallon water jug' for $8.99. But, then you got to deal with shipping. I like the size and price, but since I don't have a sportsmans near me, it's not worth it, vs driving to walmart

Also, Amazon via 'poly farm' has a 15 gallon barrel, which is just about the most perfect size for the space that I have. However, it's $65 .. Again, that vs 2 aquatainers for $15 each.. Same capacity for half the price. .. but twice the horizontal space. I suppose I could build a shelf in there to stack the two on top of each other (some people stack them full, i don't think that's a good idea). The other issue is that the 15 gallon is 125 pounds totally full. I'm not worried about the floor, i'm worried about my ability to move the thing for actual usage out of the back of the pantry.

I keep on coming back to the 7 gallon blue aquatainers... I've never ever heard of anyone having them leak.. So, I'm still putting this out to the world, I'd love to hear people's ideas and solutions.. and when i make a decision, i'll post pictures of what I do..
more than 5 gallons but less than 30.

2L seltzer bottles... easy to clean as no soda was in them... yes, stacked in a lay down style shelf
Morse is faster than texting !
Go check out any freight salvage places. There is one about 8 miles from me that has 35 gal and 55 gal food grade plastic drums in addition to the 5 gallon food grade that they have. The guy that owns it is also a prepper so he will run specials on freeze dried, bulk canned foods, or dried beans/grains. He also has a selection of non-hybrid vegetable seeds.
Watch out for what was in those original drums...some stuff doesn't come out well as I've found out.

I use the 7 Gallon aquatainers, juice containers, and my brewing equipment (carboys) to store water. I also have a couple of the water bobs to fill if I have the chance. Storing a lot of water can be difficult in a limited space. I would also add purification and filtration to supplement if storing physical water is difficult.

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