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Bulk Water storage part 42387514
Any homebrew beer supply store will have food grade spigot and siphon pumps.

Also do not use the Home Depot or Lowe's buckets for water storage unless you are using a food grade liner. There is also the disaster prep one-time use bathtub bags BAG
I have five 55 gallon barrels acquired from a soft drink bottler before Y2K. They have been steam cleaned, rinsed, washed, rinsed etc. etc. I keep them in the basement and have a pump and siphon hose to fill smaller containers. Smaller containers are five 7 gallon aquatainer type jugs, and a couple collapsible 5 gallon jugs.

The problem with the 55 gallon drums is they take up a lot of space, are very heavy and difficult to move when full. I typically only keep a 2 or 3 of them full and store the others. I've never used them in 18 years but I do rotate them and change the water occasionally.
Here is my latest post - Irma thought. While wandering about and making random here and there tighten up purchases during the panic, I noticed this:

Not a water bottle or even storage device in sight. However....32 Gal yard waste cans. As many as you wanted. So I have now decided that.....

Keeping 4 WELL MAINTAINED yard waste cans is a must do. Basic black garbage heavy duty. I will make sure (in the future) that they are kept EMPTY except when being used, and are not cracked, full of holes, etc...

Dump sticks and leaves, rinse once, fill with hose. Duct tape lid on. 32 x 4 = 128 gallons of bonus water for easy use.

Container is dual use, and handy all year long. Fast, cheap, easy, effective.
Plus, your trash cans are able to be made into rain catch basins. You place them under your gutter spots and have the ability to capture and store water.
I keep a box of 55 gall construction trash bags.... Have tested them in my reg garbage cans under the gutter in a couple of rain storms.... they fill quick and in the can don't leak even tho I double line the cans...So instant 4 more 50 gallons usable if needed... don't even have to clean them out
CAn't have enough contractor bags! Can liners, ponchos, hole sealers, super handy prep. I probably have three boxes of them.
In my truck, behind the driver's seat, I keep a box of 55 gall construction trash bags. Lots of uses.
I was very curious about the bucket thing so I went to Lowes and checked. They sell 5 gallon 'food grade' buckets for $4. A food grade lid with tear ring for $1.68 or a gamma lid for about $7

The $4 for the bucket and under $2 for the lid, being able to be bought locally and not pay for shipping, based on what i have seen, is a great deal.

So if you ever have a last minute emergency situation and all the stores are sold out of Aquatainers and other common water bottles, I think that this is a reasonably priced alternative. If you consider that an aquatainer is $16 for 7 gallons and you can do a bucket for $6 for 5 gallons, aint a bad deal.

Regarding the spigot.. I think what i would do is build ONE with a spigot, and basically just pore the water from the back ups into it, instead of spending the money on the spigot for each of them and potentially compromising all of them.

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