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Sandbag weight for rucking
I started a workout routine that seems functional to me. Its also one that I think I will keep doing, because its spread out during the day and again, functional. Part of that workout is ruck marching. I've been a mechanic and an intelligence analyst in the Air Force, so the extent of my rucking with any kind of weight was from the PAX terminal at Bagram AF to my B-hut then back when I left a few months later. So you infantry types... stop laughing at me! I've also done some hiking on the Appalachian Trail, but that's a little different. 

I started off with a 15lbs kettlebell in my pack to try it out. It went well, except for the occasional metallic bounce on my lower back and just the odd shape that I couldn't get balanced. I looked into rectangular shaped weights made for rucking, but I didn't want to spend $65 on a 25lbs plate. So I decided on a DIY solution. 

60lbs of sand from Home Depot - $3. 10 sandbags from Amazon - $11.99. Duct tape from Walmart - cheap. Here is what I came up with: 

[Image: 20046843_10155576192380984_6263714943785...e=5A113128]

I marked it 20lbs before I weighed it finished, its actually 24lbs. I used it this morning and it worked great. It was easy to get balanced and with my pack adjusted pretty tightly (the pocket size, not my shoulder straps) it fit up against my back pretty well. I walked about 1.25 miles today. I'll probably increase my distance over 2 weeks or so then raise the weight by making a few smaller weight squares, I have plenty of materials to make more.
It is absolutely amazing what you can come up with that's inexpensive yet fully functional.  Great idea!  I started buying the 50lb bags of play sand at Home Depot for the quail (sand bath and they love it).  I should do the same and use it for overhead presses and such.  

I have some rectangular weight plates from an old workout machine.  They're plastic and filled with something, probably sand.  They're 12 1/2 lbs each.  I stacked three of them (they fit together) and duct taped them.  I'll squat down and pick up the stack then jump and throw the stack as high and as far as I can.  Then I'll go to the spot it landed and repeat.  It's only a tad over 37lb but's a workout.
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Thanks! I've been using the sand to smooth out my lawn too.

That does seem like a pretty good workout. Full body and its explosive, like a power clean.

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