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So who's preps include Cryptocurrency?
I will stick with my silver and gold bullion
(08-13-2017, 04:42 PM)Scout Wrote: I will stick with my silver and gold bullion

That stuff is heavy to carry....
yes, but a true barter system since the birth of mankind. plus it will be worth alot so wont have to carry much on you.

(08-19-2017, 10:03 AM)Scout Wrote: yes, but a true barter system since the birth of mankind. plus it will be worth alot so wont have to carry much on you.


If you read about the collapse of the Soviet Union, Argentina, Venezuela or the Balkan states the best items for trade was currency, even devalued currency but mostly USDs. People tend to cling to known entities like currency. The second biggest thing was food. If you have currency you can get food. If you have food you can get currency. The ability to grow you own food if a big factor.  Alcohol, particularly in bad times seems to be a big barter item. Not one of the articles or threads I've read talks about gold or silver other than being a way of buying yourself out of the country. Most people can't tell real gold or silver from fake stuff. People don't trust most other people when it comes to gold/silver.
i got alot of unopened bottles of liquor too.
I have recently started stocking smaller bottles of alcohol. Lasts forever, good barter, or I'll drink it. either way...

If you ever need to leave the country, massive capital controls will have long been in place. In fact, they are now to a great degree. Gold/Silver will not be removed from the US. It will likely, however, be removed from you.

Not saying that gold or silver should not be a standard part of a portfolio, or preps...just not the only thing.
I agree, i have alot to barter with. Just my finnancial advisor beleives preciouse metals should makee up 10% of your savings end of the world oor not.
We have talked about adding alcohol to our supplies, but neither one of us drink and the wife's father was an alcoholic that drunk himself to death. So, there is a little issue with alcohol.
yyou can add other things, buy some cheap pocket knives, or cigarettes and xtra food.
We have added food and made little food bags that we could trade or give to those friends that come knocking on the door. The bag has crackers, individual packets of jelly, snack bar, drink mix, some have an instant coffee mix, etc. Most of the items we get when we order take out food and just use those packets to make the little bags. Nothing extremely exciting.

We also have a good stock of various medical supplies that we can use to trade.

We watch Harbor freight sale's ad and pick up the free flashlights, free tarps, free batteries, etc. and have added them to our supplies more so for the ability to have items to trade that we have no money invested in. Plus, we can use them also if the need would arise.

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