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Two flashlights
Two different flashlights: 

Astrolux S1 and BLF A6 

Both of these lights are exactly the same but go under two different logos. Both use the 18650 or 18350 lithium ion battery. The light comes with an extra middle tube so that you can convert the size between 18650 and 18350. 

They have seven standard modes: Moonlight Low Medium 1 Medium 2 High 1 High 2 Turbo 

They have three special modes: Strobe Battery check Bike flasher 

Turbo is between 1200-1600 lumens. 

Comes with clip, lanyard, conversion tube and spare O-ring.

IPX-8 waterproof standard to 2 meters. 

Each is in like new condition.

$30 each shipped.  

[Image: d58b4c36-0493-47e1-9d67-b940680d502a.jpg]
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