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Water Filter tests..
I have a friend that lives in a city with compromised water as I mentioned.  I finally visited her and got a sample of her water.  

In prep for this, i bought a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter on Amazon for about $16, and a 40oz bucket of 'activated charcoal'

As a baseline:
Bottled water  6ppm
from my fridge filter  95ppm
from my tap.  118

From HER tap. 150

Anything under 200 is good. 

So, for fun, I decided to test some home made filters:

coffee filter: no difference
cotton balls: no difference

The standard "water bottle upside down filled with cotton balls and activated charcoal"   
So, this was interesting..

The first 'pass' of water, and the PPM went UP. 125.  The dust had not all rinsed off.

I did 4 more 'passes' with no change 118.

Then, finally, after the 6th 'pass'. it started dropping. About 10ppm each pass. before leveling off at 85ppm.. Which is excellent.

I read an article online about 'contact time' with charcoal... that the water has to be touching the charcoal for an amount of time.. Probably measured in inches or something like that.  Makes sense, the longer the water is touching the charcoal, the longer the charcoal has to suck the junk out of it.

What that really tells me is that these videos of people pouring water through a handful of charcoal (Dave Canterbury, who  I really like, just posted one) are doing pretty much NOTHING to their water.   You have to run through about 4 feet worth of charcoal, not 4 inches.

Or, maybe if the water was really bad, like 300 ppm, then a 3-4 inch pass through charcoal might do something..

So anyway, for $16 off amazon and $20 worth of charcoal, i had a fun and educational night

It also makes me wonder a lot about online survival blogs where people are 'teaching' the public how to make things, and might or might not be testing them..
would be interesting to see how the 'other' filters do in the ppm scale
What other filters?

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