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Home Brew water filters
There's a million videos on line about people making their own Berkey water filters with the two buckets.   I also saw a video of a guy that made a 3 tier  gravel-sand-charcoal filter the same way.. with buckets..

Has anyone out here done this?

The reason I"m asking is because I've got a friend (mentioned in another thread) that has city water, but her building is very old and I think that she's got lead pipes.   The Berkey black filters should take care of it.

However, I was trying to make something a bit more elegant than 2 buckets on top of each other. 

My thought was to use the 'water brick' brand water containers (that look like legos)..and have 3-4 tiers..... the gravel (or maybe cotton), then sand, then charcoal, then a berkey filter, then dump into a 35 gallon drum.. It would take up a bit less space than the buckets, be a bit more stable, and look a little better  (and sort of have the hamster maze look to it as the water runs from level to level to level.... my friend is sort of a hippy, she'd like that)

I'm also considering putting a low water warning light sensor on it, so she will get an alarm when it's time to refill the load bucket

So, just putting it out there for anyone to comment on..

I just read a very interesting website that tested several different cloths for emergency filtering. Out of the several he tried, SILK worked the best... because it was the least 'stretchy' and had smallest opening size. The 'after' pictures were pretty impressive
I think your idea sounds fine.  May prolong the life of the black filters as well.

Post the link to that website, sounds interesting.
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I've seen it done before but never done it myself. Honestly if you want to help your friend the first thing I would do is test the water. Call the water department and ask if they can do it or buy a home kit. No sense in creating a filter if you don't know for sure what you are starting with and need to filter out.

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