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Stay Holstered IWB holster
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Stay Holstered

Purchased a new IWB holster for my P30SK.  This one was custom made using kydex and only cost me $25.  I'm giving this a thumbs up.  First, the order was completed and ready to ship the same day I bought it, which was a Sunday.  It went out Monday and I got it yesterday (Wednesday).  Wore it in both the appendix and 4 O'clock position all day yesterday and had no issues.  The P30SK fit it like a glove and I didn't have to adjust the retention at all (though you can if necessary).  It was smooth to draw and easy to re-holster.  Felt sturdy and firmly in position in either position.  I've got two IWB holsters for the P30SK, I will be using this one the most.
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I am not a big fan of kydex. For my Glock I have a Fugly by Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks. It was about $90. It is the most comfortable IWB I have used.
[Image: leather_holster_feature2.jpg]
I use a crossbreed super tuck and like it. I sweat easily so I got the combat cut with horsehide
Crossbreed S Tuck here to for my G20... for a couple years now and still running strong, holding up to normal summer usage too

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