Poll: What do you regularly EDC?
Bic (or other disposeable lighter)
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Bic or Zippo?
At 9000' and above in Afghanistan disposables were pretty useless. We either used a refillable butane torch or a zippo with a mix fuel. Butane was difficult to get and was temperamental in cold weather. To get a Zippo to work reliably we would mix petroleum either with zippo lighter fluid. At 9000' the mix 1 part either and 4 parts lighter fluid. The wick would also have to be lengthened and fanned out. It dries out faster and make a huge flame down at 2000'.
Point in favor of the Zippo under those conditions.
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Anyone tried using 70/30 butane/propane blend in refillable lighters ? I have seen adapters on fleabay and wonder if they are worth a try??

I have the colman and gosystems canisters for my stoves ment for low temp -15c high alt upto 10,000 feet according to the blurb.

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