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Saving eggs long term
Was talking to my Mom yesterday ( she's 88 ) and she was telling me about how they use to save eggs from the warm weather all winter when the birds didn't lay many....
She was saying they mixed up a gelatin and covered the eggs with it for 6 months ( up to a year ).

Never heard of this so I looked it up.... damn , what a concept forgotten.

Here's what she use to do;

Isinglass is a form of gelatin obtained from fish, particularly sturgeon, and it is resistant to bacteria. Note that liquid paraffin can also be used. As with water-glass, the eggs should be wiped clean and free of cracks:
  1. Mix the Isinglass with water according to package directions.
  2. Heat the mixture and then let it cool.
  3. Once cooled it will be a white jelly-like liquid.
  4. Place eggs pointed end down in a crock and pour the cool Isinglass over the eggs, completely covering them.
You can then cover the crock to keep dirt out and remove eggs only as you need them.
That's good info!  Makes you wonder what other type of useful information has gone to the wayside over the years?
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You can also have fresh eggs with carefully oiled eggs. A layer of cooking oil around an egg can keep it fresh at room temperature for up to a year.
Coat them in wax,store bought eggs are washed.That removes the defense shell.'08.
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