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Green Brier

Eating green bries
... AKA Cat brier or Bull brier, the genus name Smilax Bona-nox. It grows all over the back fence at my house. The wife and I harvest it about once a month and simmer it for about 10 minutes in a pan with a little water. After draining off the water we like it with butter and black pepper or sometimes with Soy sauce and black pepper or Olive oil and pepper. It makes a great side dish with steaks or pork chops.
 We went for a hike in a local park last week and it was everywhere, (people walking by were looking like we were crazy). We acquired a huge batch that time, we made it with butter and bacon bits and made it our meal... Good stuff Joe.
Thanks they are really good and like you say it don't take long to get a lot

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