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trail camera
And some of the smaller bucks...

[Image: Jc4bw5V.jpg]

[Image: nMdVEHj.jpg]

[Image: 6qs9AbW.jpg]

[Image: maNchOg.jpg]

Same pose, different deer

[Image: hePrNoQ.jpg]

And...I just bought two more cameras. Should have them up by the weekend.
A long spike just showed up though this could be a 3 or 4 pointer. Can't really see the back tines if any.

[Image: Duk76E4.jpg]

And this 5 point as well. I only count 5, maybe another point I can't see on the left side.

[Image: zJgs2Iw.jpg]

And another spike. This may be the guy who walked under my tree stand last week. The stand is just above the camera.

[Image: svFkxHy.jpg]

I believe this guy has three points

[Image: Cg8eW7z.jpg]

This guy was chasing does (far left edge of photo)

[Image: IHuntNX.jpg]
2 and 1/2 years ago, I wrote that I was trying to figure out my game camera. I followed the advice to find some videos. Then I added two more.

Here is how I use them in an urban environment.

I live on a dead end street that has had multiple house and car burglaries.

In early 2018, I had gates professionally built and installed with two deadbolt locks on each. One gate is essentially closed forever. The other is opened to put out the trash cans and bring them back in.

I took the three game cameras and put them in the back yard, trained on the house. They each have rechargeable batteries. I am running an actual test on how long the batteries actually last (as contrasted to boastful marketing material). Within the next two weeks, I will be checking. If the batteries are totally run down, I will run a further test, shortening the interval between tests.

I walked someone through the back yard and he was unable to spot the cameras.

Having a sign, a ring unit, motion activated lights, solar panel lights and game cameras will not stop most burglars. Certainly, not a game camera. However, I want to identify any burglar. The last time we had a burglary on the block, two neighbors had videos of the guy. No prosecution, of course.
Been at the property the last couple of days cutting wood (large pile in the distance in the center of the photos) and checked the trail cams.

Got lots of turkys.

[Image: kWAg9F6.jpg]

And a Porcupine

[Image: 54KvIjC.jpg]

And a couple of Coyotes

[Image: Syqpdp4.jpg]

Close up of the first one.

[Image: VPlOfaA.jpg]

And then these guys showed up. I had seen a sow with two cubs two years ago. Didn't show up on camera at all last year but pretty cool seeing the triplets.

[Image: pb4NiwK.jpg]

[Image: f6SH39w.jpg]

Also got lots of deer, a goose, a woodchuck and lots of raccoons on camera.

Spring came late this year.

End of March....The tripod is for a hanging feeder.

[Image: sBqaPTJ.jpg]

Notice the date...April 15
[Image: k2hqZMP.jpg]
Nice pictures
Again, that is just so cool! Pretty neat with the bear and cubs walking around the field.
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I thought this was an interesting photo. She came out at 9:30 in the morning while I was cutting wood at the other end of the field last week. That's my truck, and me in the orange cutting chaps down by the wood pile.

[Image: xp2PZWx.jpg]

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