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trail camera
And some of the smaller bucks...

[Image: Jc4bw5V.jpg]

[Image: nMdVEHj.jpg]

[Image: 6qs9AbW.jpg]

[Image: maNchOg.jpg]

Same pose, different deer

[Image: hePrNoQ.jpg]

And...I just bought two more cameras. Should have them up by the weekend.
A long spike just showed up though this could be a 3 or 4 pointer. Can't really see the back tines if any.

[Image: Duk76E4.jpg]

And this 5 point as well. I only count 5, maybe another point I can't see on the left side.

[Image: zJgs2Iw.jpg]

And another spike. This may be the guy who walked under my tree stand last week. The stand is just above the camera.

[Image: svFkxHy.jpg]

I believe this guy has three points

[Image: Cg8eW7z.jpg]

This guy was chasing does (far left edge of photo)

[Image: IHuntNX.jpg]

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