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Bow making
Maybe your screen name should be Tarzan  Wink
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
I'm going to do this some time before deer season. This, and make an atlatl.
I just cut some bamboo and have it drying to make a all bamboo bow there a lot of atlatl design on the web the ones that throw the best for me are the ones that have a hole where your finger goes in to it so the dart can rest across tour finger
I really want to make my own bow and arrows also:

Bamboo is really the only good stuff to use here (FL).
Made a bow for my wife with a pull of 45 lbs out of pvc. Worked so well I made one for myself at a pull of 60+ lbs. They are easy to make with a little practice and I prefer the longbow style over compounds. Backyardbowyer on you tube makes some easy how to vids
Very interesting video. Honestly, I don't have the skills or the tools. Yes, I know about the backyardbowyer. I had a class in making one in the woods - from scratch -the skill level, even of the instructor, was quite poor. Do I have a recurve? Yes. Do I have a cross bow? Yes. A compound bow? Yes, but it will not be used.

To be effective, after shtf, you have to have the bow, a way of stringing, extra strings, and upwards of 100 arrows, if you are realistic. If you aren't realistic, you fall into the category of the guy who is going to make his own gunpowder, do precision reloading, hunt as contrasted to trap, when shtf. Nothing is cheap! I don't have scopes and fancy sights on my equipment. It is enough that I can fletch my own arrows and have the components.

The other day, I was looking on line at a crossbow video. The thing resembled a rifle. Had 1 inch accuracy at 100 yards! Only $1500! No arrows/claw foot/extra cable included and it resembled a horizontal compound bow also!
Necessity is the mother of invention. I enjoy trying to make things with the least tools as possible.

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