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Latest EDC Gear Update.
Short vid of my EDC Gear. What do ya'll carry on a daily basis? We'd love to see. :thumbup

I like the Opinel. I've got a couple sizes of the Cold Steel Twistmaster that I've had for probably close to 30 years. Great knives and the big one has some heft to it.

How comfortable to you find the pocket magazine holder? Never tried one and probably wouldn't have room with the other stuff I carry, but I'm curious.
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I like the pocket magazine holder. It gives me one less thing to have on my belt and keep the magazine in a handy location and concealed well. Of course it does take up my left front pocket because I carry nothing else in that pocket although I guess a person could carry other stuff there. I just don't want anything else that may interfere with getting to the mag quickly.

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