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Foldable bikes for full time vehicle carry
Anyone carry a fold-able bike in their vehicle?  What do you have, how do you like it?

Considering one of the Montague Paratrooper versions:
I seriously considered one a while back.  Also considered kick-scooter just for the size and how inexpensive it is.  The one in your link is nice, out of my price range but nice.  Looks heavy duty enough to last a life time, particularly if it is only part of a GHB system.  If you've got enough room in your vehicle to store it securely then it would pay dividends in the event that it's needed.
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I don't have a true mountain bike and while I wouldn't 't do a lot of serious off road riding I could certainly use this for occasional rides. I have the room in the vehicle so I figure why not, as you say it could pay off big under the right scenario. The way things are going the possibility of a EMP war in the next decade have never been higher.
My parents had sailboat and had a pair of folding bikes for when they went ashore in port. They tended to have smaller wheels but were very compact for storage. Theirs were made by Dahon, I don't remember the specific model. There are cheaper ones out there as well.

The problem with folding bikes is they tend to not do anything very well. They are a compromise. My preference would be a smaller bike with more gears, a high seat and handle bars. Most modern bikes come apart pretty easily with quick detachable levers.
I have a nice hybrid bike but it still takes up a LOT of room with the front wheel off.

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