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Glock Perfection
While perfect, is apparently not as perfect as HK perfection...

Here is some 7yd with my HK USP 9mm vs the Glock 23.  I will make peace with this gun, but it is gonna take some work.

The circle is 12 shots w/ HK and three just on/outside the bullseye.  Two of those were called flyers.

As for the Clock, well...20 hit the target! Which, to be fair, would have caused a bad day since that is a paper plate sized target.  But dang, the HK bullets just went where I told them - because Germans are better at taking orders than Austrians I guess.

[Image: Slide1_zpsx3c000jf.jpg]

Winner for the day was the 1976 Browning HP.  I couldn't see either of the sites really, but that didn't seem to matter.  30 rounds from an extended mag just pretty much ended up in the 9/10 rings and shooting faster than either Glock or HK.  That gun just points itself!
The gun is way more "perfect" than that. I've never met a gun that wouldn't group under 2" at 7yrds, including Hi-points. Even the COP 357 with 4 barrels pointing in different directions will make 4 tight groups at that distance.
Maybe fo-tay is just way too powerful for my delicate musician's hands????

Or that goofy block rear sight doesn't work for my old eyes

Who knows....
My Glock 22 will shoot one ragged hole at those distances with both the 40 and 9mm barrels. I thinking there might be something wrong with your 23.
Or maybe the cheap honking ammo I was using?

I think I just shoot it crappy. Later I put 13 pretty close in one quadrant of that target. Still, Glock is just not an easy shooter for me.

Of course, maybe there is a reason why it cheap?!?!?!?! Best what could be wrong with it, other than site being off?
ammo vs barrel.... tho mine can easily shoot <4" group at 20 ft. ( two hand standing )
I don't think it's the sight since you are pretty evenly distributed. Some guns just fit people wrong. Your HK obviously works better for you. This is another reason to not buy random guns and calibers. Stick with what works and stack it deep.
Yeah - that both a gun and caliber change.

We'll see what happens when the Lonewolf barrel gets in there.

Still, I'm enjoying the challenge
Have you checked your man card to see if it's expired?  Tongue
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
Back to original post: Nope, I have a G37 45GAP that has 35K or so rounds through it that is just as accurate as a one year old Colt 1911 9mm w/ comp barrel. But I also have a EDC G26 that is minute of doorway on accuracy at 10 yards. I have adjusted the load on various rounds but I just cannot shoot this gun with any accuracy. I am popping a 2" to 3" target at 25 yards with both the G37 and 1911 9mm @ 25 yds but the Baby Glock is all over the place. I have no faith in it except up close.

I have had the G26 as my EDC for over two years but I am giving up on it. I am looking at a G38 45GAP or a Commander 9mm as a replacement.

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