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Shooting your carry gun
Like most competitors, I usually shoot a fullsize gun in matches. Every few months we run a BUG match to play with our actual carry guns. The most common are the S&W M&Pc, Shield, Glock 26 and 43. I carry a 43 either IWB or pocket everyday so I run the match with that IWB setup. Pocket holsters are not allowed for safety reasons.
I was pleased with my performance with a gun I've only shot once before. 
We ran a familiar drill to end the evening. The Triple Nickel. With my 17 out of an OWB holster with mag pouch, I can do it in 4.79sec. With the 43 from an IWB and mag in pocket, I did it clean in 5.99. 
I'm very happy with that. 

For those not familiar the Triple Nickel is 
Draw from concealment 
Engage 5 targets with 2 shots each
Between first and last target you have to do a reload from concealment. 
All from 5 yards
Normally silhouette targets are used and center mass hits are good. We are using IDPA targets so our 8" zero ring is a bit harder.

How often do you guys train with your carry gear?
Don't carry a backup gun much any more....( maybe once-twice a year a model 60 chief ) but a glock 20 .
I'm not a small guy so it hides well with a Supertuck iwb. SD load is win silver tips 175 gr

Being retired has it's advantages along with an indoor range 5 mins away, I get to go about once a week. I use a load with similar recoil to the SD load.
My drills are the;
"First shot" drill ; one from holster to target center mass , ( I use standard Q targets at 20ft ), using iwb holster ,covered by shirt
"multi target" from ready position to 3 - Q targets, 2 shot per, reload, 2 each back

Not going to say i knock out the center of the bullseye, but I can stay in the 8" circle range from dead center at a good pace
Up until last in-service training I trained my off-duty the same way I carried it which was a Glock 19 in an OWB at the 3-4 O'clock.  So I trained as I carried.  However, I switched to the Glock 26 last Novemmber and IWB at the appendix position.  I've trained with the draw while the gun was dry but haven't yet trained hot at the range.  My plan is to do so at my next in-service. If I have the opportunity I may do so as well when I test out the SCCY and SKS, hopefully next week.
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[quote pid='7913' dateline='1489535767']

How often do you guys train with your carry gear?

Hardly ever.  I get up to my property every couple months but only occasionally shoot my pistols. I rarely to the local ranges. The only decent one near me is about an hour away.
Every now and then I will take my g26 to an idpa, all the other competitions that involve pistols are full size. The first 3 years for idpa I just used the g26, after awhile I wanted to mix it up.
The 26 was my carry gun for years so it saw a fair amount of competition. It even won me a free gun at my first GSSF match. I always found it to shoot like a fullsize gun as far as control and pointability are concerned.
I have had a G26 as my EDC for the past two years. For whatever reason I can't soot this gun with any accuracy. I will be switching over to a 1911 Commander or a G38 45GAP.

I thought I would get better with it but it has not happened. There are some guns you want to work but it just doesn't happen.
I shot my G19 in IDPA matches. I have shot my 26 in a few matches and I have shot the G34 in a few, but most of the time it is the G19.

I shot my second sanctioned match earlier this year, which I sucked horribly in. I allowed my nerves to get the better of me. Although it didn't help that twice the guys shooting in front of me got DQ'd and then it was my turn.

My next sanctioned match is in September, and I will be shooting the G19 again in the CCP division. I hope to do a little better this time.

The G19 is one of my carry guns, which I'm carrying it today.
I shoot 50 rds. through my EDC 1 time a week.
I don't have a lot of opportunity for range time, maybe once a month. When I do, tho, the main thing I shoot is my carry gun. Most of the time, it is the only thing I shoot. I can't even imagine carrying a gun I haven't shot extensively.

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