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FIY Sprayer/Shower

I recently came across this neat idea for a on the go shower for camping.  It takes only minutes to assemble with no tools needed!  For my build I bought a 2 gallon lawn sprayer by HDX from
Home Depot $13.86, and a brass plumbers coupler 1/4 x 1/4 for about $2.00.  Then at Walmart I purchased a Peerless faucet side sprayer for $10.97.  Using a sharp knife, cut off the HDX Sprayer wand from the hose and dispose.  Insert your coupler to the cut end.  Then take your sink sprayer and attached the two hoses together by threading the coupling onto the sink sprayer.  Last step is to add water! I also decided to paint my spray bottle black to help heat up the water if it happens to be cool outside but it's not necessary.  The HDX sprayer bottle I got also has a purge valve that is handy to relieve the air pressure when I am finished, which I found to be super convenient.  The only other thing to do is unscrew the lid.  
I hope you guys enjoy this idea. Piece out ya'll!!
Growth is the only evidence of life- John Henry Newton

Funny how the little things like being clean can boost how you feel when camping.
Or in an prolonged situation where basic services have been taken off-line.  Hygiene is an under rated part of prepping and putting some thought/effort into it can really pay down the road.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

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