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Fire from Char Cloth

You can tell the guy in the video is really a cool dude because of his bright orange shirt!    Big Grin

Thanks for posting the video Bob.  That was really a lot of fun making the char cloth and getting the bird's nest to flame was actually easier than I thought.  The material we gathered from the palmettos was some of the best tinder I've used.  Definitely want to make more char cloth next trip out (I have it all away and didn't keep any for myself).  I'm also thinking I'll char the same cotton rounds I use in the DIY fire-starter wafers.  They're 100% cotton and can be stored in the same tin I use for the wafers.
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"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

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You can also make it from cat tails if I make it out I will bring some tinder fungus and show you where to find it it take a spark well and holds a coal for a long time.
I was there making the char cloth and watched dave make that video, no gimmicks it reaal starts up that nice.

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