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Ham Radio go kits part 2. Who would buy one?
Another thread about radio Go Kits got me thinking (i've been kinda bored lately and in the mood to build something)

Do you think that there's a prepper market for a pre fab radio go kit?   (and yes, I am trolling this board to see if anyone is interested).

Essentially, i'd take one of the cheap Luxin Chinese Ham radios, pre program it for common frequencies, build it into a pelican case like this

(which I designed)

with external power connectors, antennas, wind up antennas included, etc.. all ready to go..

So,  yeah, anyone interested in something like this?
Good idea, but don't think it will sell...
Been done for a while now ...and most hams would know how.
Also, most newbies would buy in the price range of the baufang HTs not wanting to spend much

But hey , go for it... make up one or two, if it does sell make more ,if not put it away in storage.
Popped this thread over to the communication section in case folks didn't know about some of the other threads Smile
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

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I have set up a couple of radios to the 156 Mhz range - Nautical radio channels

The VHF Marine channels will X-mit easily 25-35 miles.
tag,, im going to do this. I'm bored
(01-19-2017, 03:03 AM)Tsquare Wrote: I have set up a couple of radios to the 156 Mhz range - Nautical radio channels

The VHF Marine channels will X-mit easily 25-35 miles.

Yes... most will on water. 
These are very close to the normal 2m amateur band ( 144mhz ) and the HT and mobile rigs run at 5w to 25/50w.  All is good with line of sight, but put one good size hill in your path and there may be an issue.

Only 2 things can help with 'line of sight" radios.... elevation of antenna and power ( be real or gain ). Also the other end has to do the same, otherwise your talking to yourself.

Not saying they are bad radios, but how many have actually tested their range in regular use.

(05-01-2017, 11:53 PM)ric0123 Wrote: tag,, im going to do this. I'm bored

Would love to see pics...

I have two go cases set up now... One with an Elecraft K2/internal tuner/battery and one with an Icom 703/lg tuner/7ahr cell.  
Both rigs max at 10w, but in the 10-80m bands, they will do well with the right antenna. Both CW and SSB

Here's an old pic of my K2 in alum case... with mic, key, wire dipoles and clamp on  tune-able vertical antenna

[Image: aa2vk_travel.jpg]
So here goes.

The first two pictures are of my 'power box'. It's got Anderson power poles on the end of a heavy cable.  In the box is binding posts, 2 USB outlets, a volt meter and a cigarette outlet (i got the 3  outlet thing from Amazon). I figured that would give me everything i need to connect anything I could think of. I put in a fuse and power switch

next  pic should be my 817 in a Harbor Freight case.  Inside is the AC charger, manual a roll  up dual band antenna and some rope to toss it up in a tree, with some various 239 to BNC connectors and right angle connectors. It's got an internal battery. I do have an LG817 auto tuner in another box.. but i'm really not all that worried about HF for the zombies.

The last is my y7r handheld. It's in a plastic pelican type case. I've got a telescopic antenna, a rubber antenna, AC adapter, DC adapter, a pigtail to go from the power plug to gator clips (so i could go right onto a car battery if I had to.).  this one is in my EDC bag. I've had it the longest and it's the easiest to use.  I have a small mag mount BNC dual  band antenna that i've used with my 7r with great success but i don't care it around.

I just bought a luiton LT 898UV and i'm in process of designing a home box for it.
Love the power supply setup... I use mostly Andersen poles too...very easy and hard to screw up.

For the 817 that a J pole or end fed antenna ?

As to the trees... I use 28g wire and usu either tape a rock on the end or tennis ball ( filled with a few fishing weights ) and heave it up ala bolo style.... ( no need then for string )

Keep it going.
Rol up. Ladder line with a long lead going to a bnc. I hit a repearer 40 miles away in georgia with my 7r with it in a tree

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