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Sorry to contradict you Bob. For 9mm I am averaging about 9 cents per round for match grade ammo buying all components except brass. If I am down south visiting my brother-in-law when he is casting the price drops to 3.5 cents per round. The absolute cheapest price I have seen 9mm is 13.5 cents per round plus shipping that pumps it up to just over 15 cents per round and the other deal is 14 cents per round shipped for the nasty burning steel cased Wolf ammo.

My typical weekly range trip is 11 magazines of 9mm for 103 rounds and 9 magazines of 45GAP for 90 rounds minimally. I may reload a few magazines while I am there or pull out another gun to run a couple of magazines or cylinders. I spend about an hour reloading for my next range trip and this includes loading up my magazines and caliber swap on my Dillon 550. Since I am retired time is not a factor.
(09-29-2018, 01:39 PM)Tsquare Wrote: Sorry to contradict you Bob. For 9mm

 Since I am retired time is not a factor.

I defer to your math, sir! I may not have done the math since before Obama...

That said - I am NOT retired, and I have other hobbies besides guns, and I'm not even gonna get into the using cast lead thing. Load'em and Shoot on!

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