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No problem, it's a pretty easy process but if you have any questions fell free to ask
Rhonda said she would like for us to get a reloader so we can make our own ammo. So, I'm thinking about getting into reloading 9mm because of the volume of shooting Rhonda and I do, plus being able to make rounds that are softer shooting, but yet still make power factor.

I'm thinking about the Dillon XL650.

What powder is everyone using? I've been reading about Hodgon CFE powder.

Looking at using 147gr bullet and CCI primers.

Doing my rough calculation, it appears that it would 2 years and 3 months to pay off the machine with the savings from reloading, which does not include any labor. (Actually it would be a little quicker, but figuring on the longer side.)

Looking for thoughts and recommendations.
Can't go wrong with a Dillon... great machine well worth the cost if you shoot a lot.  With the 650, you can load a good amount for little time.
Have used Dillon, sort of the Mercedes of loaders, and loved it.

IMO, the Dillion becomes really worth it over 500 rounds per month.  The amount I shoot , a lower end progressive works ok.
For me, the cost ratio is a bit more than 9mm ( 10mm runs at a low of .40-.45 each to buy and .15 to load ), but I shoot less than 300 10mm rounds per month.

As to powders, Win 231, WSF I have used ( tho don't load 9mm right now as the cost is low for the amount of them I shoot ).

In the end, you may find you end up shooting more Smile

PS; check out Xtreme plated bullets.... cheaper than fmj and for me work/shoot just as well.
I grew up with a dad and uncles who reloaded. I am running a DL550b and a single-stage RockChucker. I've had the RockChucker for over 25 years and got the 550b about 5 years ago.

Xtreme is having supply problems with their recent bankruptcy. Look at Rocky Mountain Reloading for FMJ bullets or a Bayou for coated lead. Buy in bulk during black friday sales and you can get FMJ for less than 8 cents per bullet and coated lead for 6 cents per bullet. Watch Cabella's sales for S&B primers as they will go on sale for $5 off their normal $26 price per 1000. I have shot over 20k of the S&B primers and they perform identical to CCI.

I have been using CFEpistol powder for 9mm for the past 3 years. CFE is one of the cleaner running powders with moderate smoke/flash and it meters well. I shoot mostly 124gr bullets. Before using CFE I have used Bullseye (good for mouse fart loads), W231(good all-around/somewhat dirty), HP-38(good all-around/somewhat dirty), HS-6(good all-around/somewhat dirty), TiteGroup(good for mouse fart loads), Universal(good all-around/very dirty), Unique(good for high velocity), Blue Dot(high Velocity, big flash), and Power Pistol(Good for high velocity but lots of flash).
Plus 2 on the Power pistol powder, lots of flash and smoke. I use this one a lot because it is the least money spent= it costs less per bottle and you use less to get the same power as others. Even at the low end of the spec my rounds feel stronger and are more accurate than store bought.
I also think that the Lee factory crimp die makes the rounds feel more consistent.
Thank you for all the info.

If my bonus is decent, the Dillon is what I will get.
Quote:It got me thinking about my favorite loads for a couple of guns I usu shoot. I was wondering what is your fav round and load ?

For me it might be 38-55 Winchester. Definitely THE most challenging cartridge I've ever tried. Not the assembly part but working up a load. The rifles are all over the place when it comes to bore and chamber size. The two I have both have generous chambers and bores. Anything smaller than .381" will pattern not group. Took me about a year and a custom mold made... but I eventually found the right combo of Bullet Diameter, Charge and OAL.

There is something just right about the cartridge. Soft shooting. Accurate. Good on game.

[Image: EG4dpJ6l.jpg]

Even more fun in a 120+ year old rifle.
[Image: 0kWyPWll.jpg]

I do pert near every caliber I shoot except 22lr and 9mm. Favorites include 45 Colt, 45-70, 32 H&R/327, 32-20, 38/357, 30-06, 308, 30-30...
Looking for thoughts and recommendations.

One day, I was at the range with a mentor who was a nationally recognized instructor when he was active. He was shooting white box pistol ammo. I asked why and here were the points he made:
1. it always went bang;
2. his shooting was accurate to the point that he did not need specialty ammo;
3. reloading was messy, took up space, usually had piles of stuff lying around.

He was correct. If I had to do it all over, I would never have gone into reloading. I know a guy who spends literally all his retirement time loading - and rarely goes to the range. In my experience, reloads, mine or commercial, failed more frequently than factory fresh ammo.
Back when I shot in a variety of competitions you pretty much had to reload to stay in the game. These days not so much particularly with 9 mm, 7.62x39 and 223/5.56. Where reloading makes a difference is specialty loads for favorite guns or obscure calibers.

These days I pretty much reload 30-30 for a bolt action I have, 357 & 44 mags for hunting, 375 Win just because factory loads are like $40/box, some 308 for hunting, and 45 acp just because I have lots of bullets, casings and powder left over for the old days. I also load some 30 carbine but not very much or very often.
(08-19-2018, 09:34 AM)bmyers Wrote: Rhonda said she would like for us to get a reloader so we can make our own ammo. So, I'm thinking about getting into reloading 9mm because of the volume of shooting Rhonda and I do, plus being able to make rounds that are softer shooting, but yet still make power factor.

You know, did a lot of reloading as a kid, and have done a lot of research on this lately.

Frr 9mm, I don't think it is an economy issue.  You can't hand reload 9mm cheaper than you can buy it.  The time/effort cost just doesn't pan out compared to mass manufacture for a few calibers.  You know...9mm, .40, .45 - all the stuff you use most of.  

Reloading rifle rounds for ultra tack-driver accuracy?  Yes.  Reloading odd calibers that you shoot a lot?  Yes. The time it takes to reload 500 rounds of 9mm for the range will take away the time you were going to spend at the range.

Reloading mass consumption pistol rounds - not really.

All of that said - Lee hand press and some basic components for SHTF...sure.

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