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So how much water DO you need?
9 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Water
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
Had a client which was a major water company.  That company had a telephone line that led to a law office, with a lawyer assigned to the phone.  If a customer called up complaining, the lawyer, without identifying himself as a lawyer, would pay $50.  One day, I happened to be at the law office and the guy explained the set up to me.

Here is why.  Look at a 5 gallon home delivered water container.  They used to be glass.   Now, they are plastic.  How hard do you think it is to clean a narrow necked 5 gallon container?  Ok.  Do you think that all such containers are simply empty and returned from law abiding businesses and homes or could they be used for other purposes?  My older brother used to make 5 gallon jugs of Kahlua! in his laboratory.  Other people, like tweekers use them in making meth.  Materials seem to migrate a bit better into plastic than into glass.

I had another client with a plastics manufacturing plant.  I guess I should have mentioned that earlier.  Food grade containers don't have the nasty stuff in the plastic.  That is why I use #2 which is food grade.  You can store water in a 2 liter pepsi bottle to your heart's content or in a used 1 gallon supermarket container.  But the plastic is not designed to last.  So do a little experiment (which I did) and put one of those containers in the trunk of your car.  I decided not to reblue the Ruger .22 pistol that was affected by the water after the container failed.  Of course, your experience can be different, just informing you that the supermarket containers are not designed to last forever.

I store my 5 gallon #2 paint containers outside.  I have no idea as to their life expectancy.  I also store 30 and 50 gallon containers outdoors.

Now, a comment on recycling the water.  Do you intend for filter and purify the water as you withdraw it from storage?  If so, you should consider looking at the container of stored water, and if the plug has not expired (and I have had that experience with food grade large syrup containers), leave it alone.  After a number of years, I looked last year and recycled the water from one large container.  If you want to drain and refill every 6 months or a year, more power to you.

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