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What have you done this week to forward your 2017 prepping goals?
Uh....when you are splattering your face with your own blood, you're doing it wrong. Just saying. Wink
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
This past week was a slow one for prepping.  I read the lantern thread and decided to test my lantern.  I picked up a pack of Energizer lithium AA batteries and pulled out my Streamlight Siege AA (I've probably had it a year or so).  I looked up the run times and was pretty disappointed.  I decided not to waste the lithium batteries and did a test with some of my Eneloops.  On medium it ran about 13 hours (advertised 15hrs with a standard alkaline battery) before dimming significantly.  I turned it off at that point, but I may do another test on "low" to see how long it will go with any type of usable light.  While it isn't apocolyptic run time, I have a lot of rechargeable batteries so for a home general purpose lantern for storms, quakes, etc., it's not so bad... and I like the quality and versatility.  Still wish it had better run times though.

I did the little thrift shop survival search that I posted about on another thread but haven't done much with it.  

I did some browsing in the survival section of the LAPoliceGear retail store and I have to check but I think the Sawyer Mini filter is cheaper there than Walmart.  I also realized it's too big for my EDC bag, but not a killer deal because I have one in my GHB that's with me when I'm not with my family.  I may get one for the family car though.  

I'm moving into a new training "season" so to speak... I was supposed to shoot a fairly big LE match this week but when we were literally half way to the match we were called back to work because they had a sick-call in that put us below minimum staffing.  It was to be my last "hurrah" with the Glocks before I started training heavily with single-action pistols.  From what I hear the LAPD team won... Great group of very proficient guys but I wish we could have battled it out with them!  I'll still shoot the Glocks, and I'll probably still carry my G26 most of the time and train with it to keep sharp, but since we teach multiple platforms, I like to train hard with each one every year.  My plan is to run the 1911s until around fall, and then I'll be focusing on DA/SA guns like Berettas, HK USP, and Sig... Of course, things don't often go as planned and I've really fallen for Glocks, so we'll see how this goes.  As my intro to 1911s I did a bunch of walk-back drills with my three main 1911s (two .45s and a 9mm) and found them much easier to shoot at distance (duh!) compared to the 9mm Glocks, but I'm bad at speed because I'm not used to the trigger and probably because of the change in grip angle.  I find that I don't have too much of a problem going from other guns to the Glock, but going from Glocks to other guns seems to be more of a learning curve.  I'll be working on that.  I probably fired a total of 400 rounds of .45 between the two pistols and another 150 rounds through the 9mm with zero malfunctions and a big 'Merican smile on my face!

I still need to work on plotting my Get Home route, finding the rest of the supplies for my GHB pistol cleaning kit, and many other things.
Interesting stuff Chico Bill. My LE career started with revolvers back in the 70s. I worked for a small department where we could carry whatever we could qualify with. I went from a dept issue S&W model 10 to a Colt Series 70 1911 in 45 acp. I was shooting IPSC at the time as well. My IPSC gun was a modified Colt Gold Cup. I was also shooting PPC with revolvers.

Eventually I moved to a larger dept and had to carry a Model 66 .357, then a Model 586. I moved to another dept that allowed any kind of revolver you could qualify with. Most guys carried N framed Smiths in either 44 spl (Model 24s) or Model 25s in 45LC. I bought a 4" Model 29 44 mag but qualified with 44 spls, but carried 44 mags JIC. My backup gun was a Charter Arms 44 Bulldog. That was a good combination. That large urban dept later went to Glock 17s, then Glock 22s. I thought/think the Glock 22 is/was the best service pistol I ever carried in terms of power, capacity, ease of use etc. Personally I never cared for double action autos like the S&W 39/59 series, or Beretta, or Sigs that were around. I dislike the transition from double to single action.

Never been a fan of 9mm but that's what my EDC pistols are. Gotten a bit lazy in my old age but a small 9 is a good compromise of power and capacity in an easy to carry package. I still carry my Glock 22 on occasion or an XD45 which is about my favorite 45 these days. More capacity and easier to shoot than my 1911s.
Not much this week.

Did find a better way to store our water..stacking on concrete sucks, even if on pallets. Bottom jugs are all caput
Cut 8 more oak trees down on my food plot this week. Still gotta go back up and cut them into sections. Probably will have enough firewood to last for years.

Have 11 more to go before I start on the trees around the edges.

[Image: 20170523_170459_zpslclnmvz8.jpg]

[Image: 20170523_170352_zpsuqhg4vbb.jpg]
Rotated 100gallons of H2O... got a little wet but ok.
Just bought one of the cheap 800 watt generators from Habor Freight for $90. It is primarily intended to be used in my trailer to keep the batteries topped off when boon dock camping. It could also be a back up to my back up generator.

-It works (there is a multyear thread on them on
-It's cheap\
-Fairly small and portable (38 lbs)

-2 cycle so you have to mix oil and gas
-only 800 watts peak
-It's CCC (cheap chinese crap) so it has a limited lifespan

Why I bought it
-my big generator is too big to carry around and/or take camping
-We don't dry camp (no power or water) very often in our trailer. And although our trailer is fully self contained water, battery power*, and propane only last so long. My wife likes conveniences. I would expect to only boondock camp no more than one or two times a year and usually not longer than a week at a time. Even then you usually only use a genset for a couple hours a day to top off batteries. Just couldn't see spending $1K on a Honda or other name brand for such limited use.

*I upgraded my batteries this year to two 6 volt golf cart batteries. That gives me 205 AHs of power. These new trailers all electronic and suck juice constantly. I will eventually add solar panels.
mac66... I may need to pick your brain more re: that generator... I know we need a "good" one, but that sounds like a great stopgap!

So... The past couple weeks and the next few are going to be a bit nuts... We're at the time where I'm stuck working a lot of overtime and my schedule is erratic.  Obviously it's both good and bad.  As for the big things... I'm picking up a S&W 640 .38 revolver I purchased from a friend/co-worker.  I intend to use it to get better at revolver shooting since my 342PD (titanium and super light) is downright painful to shoot.  I'll also probably carry it a bit as a backup or third gun just because I can.  

In big news (at least for me), and at my wife's prodding, I've purchased my dream/grail gun... the gun I've lusted over since the late 90's, and the gun that kindled my true love affair with the 1911.  On Tuesday I'll be picking up a used but never fired Springfield Professional.  I can't wait!  It will be a carry gun, and I'll be shooting it a bunch, so no safe queens here, but I certainly wouldn't consider it an ideal disaster pistol.  Of course, if thrust into that position, I can think of worse candidates.  

In other news, I had the opportunity to obtain some excess military items for use at work.  Because of the strict requirements of my department (or the federal government... whatever) they must be used for work purposes, but they have a direct relation to disaster prep, so I'll discuss.  

First, I got a brand-new set of tan/brown boots (I think Bates USMC issue but new).  This is great because we use tan/brown boots at work so I can keep my lightweight Oakley boots in my personal car (POV) when my current boots wear out.  I got a seat-belt cutter that has a MOLLE attachment and a metal canteen cup.  I also managed to get a couple laundry-type bags that will work great for carting my dirty uniforms back to the house.  I think I got two dry-bags that will hold my sleeping bag and related items.  I keep this "sleep kit" at work in case I'm stuck there because of bad things happening.  I grabbed an Army assault backpack which I may use for a work disaster survival bag and also a pouch that will hold the survival kit I'll discuss next...

I was super-excited to get a military survival kit.  I think mine dated from around 1993, but it contains multiple survival items in a sealed dual-pocket bag including a Camillius (sp?) SAK-style knife, fishing kit, emergency blanket, whistle, saw, and other survival supplies.  I'll probably do another post on the kit simply for fun and information but all the supplies supposedly fit in the pouch I also got... Regardless, it's a really neat little survival pack.  

Lastly, I got a case of MRE "humanitarian rations".  I plan to keep most of them at work or in my POV in some sort of "deployment kit" in case something big and bad happens.  I'll also probably taste test two or three and there will probably be some posts behind them.  They were made in 2010 with an inspection date of 2013, but I've eaten MRE's that were way older than that so I'm not too scared.

In other news, a raccoon ate three of our chickens.  I got there literally seconds too late.  We had eight and the three they got were our newest in the separate coop/run until they got older.  Our big run is pretty secure but we were missing some pieces to the smaller run so we rigged it up so we thought was secure.  So now I have three maimed, dead, and in most cases headless chickens and since they're mostly my 10yr-old's (he did a lot of the work with them), I didn't want him to come out in the morning after I left for work and discover them so I needed to clean them up... and Mr raccoon wouldn't leave.  He wanted his organic KFC.  I tried to scare him.  Raccoons don't scare.  I tried to threaten him.  Raccoons don't negotiate.  Sooo.... Mr raccoon gets his 72 chickens in raccoon heaven... courtesy of 147 grains of Federal HST.  At least, that's what I heard happened...

In light of the above, we got two new adult chickens, and they're currently in the process of integrating with our others.  As for chickens, we've been getting 2-4 eggs a day, which is more than we can use and we give some to our neighbors.  Our garden is doing well for the long wet and fairly cold winter we had, so we're starting to get string beans in addition to our lettuce.  The tomato plants are looking good and the fruit is developing well on the fruit trees.  The green beans have finally started to grow well and we have a few small herb plants growing here and there.  Not the best garden, but not too bad considering all the house projects this year.  We're hoping to get things organized to make more room for corn and potatoes next year.
Have 67 quail chicks in the brooder.  Had 83 but sold 15 yesterday.  Plans are to build hutch/coops for the brown and the yellow (separately).  

Have a Utorch UT01 flashlight on the way.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.

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