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What have you done this week to forward your 2017 prepping goals?
Got the Blackhawk Serpa holster with Quick Detach kit all set up on my duty belt.  Very happy with it and hope that it proves to be durable in the long run.  

Did a tremendous amount of work in the garden yesterday pulling weeds, fertilizing the earth beds and transplanting tomato plants.  Used the rabbit manure in several of the beds which is a nice source of continuous fertilizer.  Did NOT get everything done that I wanted to but it was a good start.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
I just finished rotating 30 gals of gas.... out with the old ( into old Toyota ) in with the new ( with stabil ).
All containers dated on the blue masking tape
Also generator done and oil swapped out
( btw, I put petcocks on most of my engines so I run them dry of gas after use )

Till next year.
Cut and sectioned four more trees on my food plot, test fired my Marlin 44 mag carbine.
Last Sunday we did another quick 2 mile or so hike and I took the new Saddleback Indiana Satchel instead of my GHB because I knew I'd be carrying/supervising our 22 month old daughter.  She's my world and now more than ever my reason to "get home" and be prepared.  Didn't quite expect there'd still be some snow on the ground, but was fairly prepared.  

This week I've been trying to carry my A.S.S. (thanks mac66) since I'm not used to carrying a manly sack of adventure on a regular basis.  I keep forgetting to bring it from home or take it from the car.  I'd keep it up front with me but there's no room with the family in the car (on my own I'm doing ok).

I went to the local hardware store and picked up a bike inner-tube to make a ranger band for one of my Zippo lighters so I'm testing that out.  My wife ordered a Foursevens Preon 1 (2nd Gen) Copper which arrived Friday and it's really nice.  She stole it (not really since she ordered it) so I might have to order another.  I don't need it but it works really well for a do-all hand-held light with true tactical function.  

Also on Friday we ran by Dollar Tree and I grabbed some items for my GHB first aid kit.  Some small packets of Advil, a tube of oral analgesic, a sting relief stick (which is really too big and I kept the three little sting-relief pads in my kit and will use the stick for a camping pack or my man bag...), a Carmex tube (not so susceptible to heat), and some generic immodium and gas pills.  The Imodium went into the kit.  The gas pills say to store at a moderate temperature and summer is coming so I'm considering options.  I still have a first aid kit and a "trauma kit" in my GHB... I'd like to consolidate, but I'm considering going crazy tactical with first-line (fighting on person), second-line (fighting with pre-notice), and third line (support) gear.  The trauma kit wouldn't be a bad idea to have around, but it adds weight and bulk... and would those items really make the difference between life and death in a remote disaster scenario?  Hard questions.

We did our bi-weekly grocery shopping and I picked up a couple goodies.  I grabbed another UST emergency ration which I'll use for a taste test.  I also picked up some Starbucks VIA instant coffee packets to try to see if they're practical for my GHB.  I tried some of those brew in bag deals and they were actually pretty good... But they're big so I thought I'd try the Folgers Tea-bag type coffee things I'd used back in the day.  I don't know how I liked them except to think I was more into the sugar part than the coffee part.  No bueno (That's Californian for "no good").  I'll try the VIA and go from there.  

Somewhere on this forum is a discussion involving the Stanley stainless steel cook cup with handle and two plastic nesting cups.  I bought it and look forward to trying it out.  I really like the measuring lines on the inside of the cup.  

My most exciting purchase today was a handgun cleaning kit from DAC.  The rod sections, patch holder, and brush(es) fit in the handle with room to spare.   I'm going to get a small sample size or similar CLP or Oil and some patches and make a GHB cleaning kit.  I checked out an OTIS kit and a couple other versions, but settled on the DAC because of the small size and the fact it has an actual rod which I think is important and can serve some double duty.  This isn't exactly what I bought but it's basically the same thing:

This week at work I'm battling a repetitive stress injury so no drills that require a fast draw, but I did a bunch of our version of Pat MacNamara's Fusion drill.  I started at zero yards and on the beep I ran to 25 yards, draw, and made one hit on an ~10"x12" steel target.  Holster and run to 50yds.  One hit on same steel.  Then 75, then 100... then back to 75...50... and end with a single hit at 25.  Funny enough, I had the hardest time at 50yds so did some extra practice there, and a lot of practice at 100, but I'm pretty damn happy with both the G19 and G34 at that distance.  Most of my runs were first round hits at 100.  I had one clean run (7rds fired with 7 hits) in about 76 seconds.  That isn't normal for me.  I did three or four runs at night, placing a flashlight a few yards from the target to illuminate it, and got really frustrated.  I don't know if it was my astigmatism (I have a really hard time reading license plates and clearly seeing lights at night), but since I couldn't see and diagnose my misses, it was pretty sad.  

While doing a bunch of this 25 - 100 yard shooting, I was trying out my new Safariland 7TS series duty holster (the SLS version - not the ALS) and I'm coming to like it but I'm not happy with the design.  I may do a more in-depth rant post, but I think Safariland is the poop for duty holsters but they could be so much better if they didn't do some few stupid things.  This holster required immediate modification out of the "bag" (which isn't great for a duty holster) but now it's a damn fine holster.  It's for my G19 with Surefire X300U.  

Lastly, at work the other day a couple of my partners and I were discussing revolvers and one of them produced his S&W 640 .38 special.  I have a 342PD, which is an aluminum frame and barrel shroud, stainless barrel insert, and titanium cylinder.  Shooting it is NO fun.  I mentioned I had a Ruger SP101 I regretted selling (when I broke my trigger finger...), that I'd been thinking about a 640 in .38 or .357a and that I'd like to get a heavier version of my 342PD.  The other guy who was involved in the conversation texted me yesterday.  He has an early 90's (pre-lock) S&W 640 in .38 Special and is giving me a killer price.  It will join the 342PD (same size but not so punishing - and something I've wanted for a while) as well as my .357 GP100 3", NAA .22 Magnum Mini Revolver, and .45 Colt Ruger Vaquero on the very neglected revolver side of the house.  The new Glock will have to wait a couple months.  

Still need to work on detailed get-home route plotting.
Still need to work on GHB packing.
Need small sunscreen for GHB.
Need to do the things.
Quote:I went to the local hardware store and picked up a bike inner-tube to make a ranger band for one of my Zippo lighters so I'm testing that out.

I'd be interested in how this works out for you.  Any results, put them down in the Zippo thread in the fire section.  I know I can get at least three weeks of pocket carry with a ranger band. I've got extra flints and one extra wick tucked into the insert under the felt pad.  I normally fill it every two weeks even though I can go longer.  The reason I do it every two weeks is just to be in the habit so I don't forget.  I have a rotating schedule so I'm off every other Monday.  So I fill it on the Mondays I'm off.

Quote:Also on Friday we ran by Dollar Tree

Wife and I love this store!  The use to have a pen-style spray hand sanitizer sprayer that I wish they still carried.  Still, the small hand sanitizers they have fit an EDC well.  Good for sanitizing the hands of course, great for starting a fire!

Quote:My most exciting purchase today was a handgun cleaning kit from DAC

Now I've got something to look for the next time I'm at WM  Smile

I've owned the S&W 640 (in .357), 642 (.38) and Ruger SP101 (in .357 and 9mm).  And of course, I wish I still had them all.  Need to make my mind up to no longer trade/sell a gun to get another...which pretty much answers my own question on whether or not to trade a Glock 17 for an HK VP9...I just need to save up and buy the VP9!

Anyway, they were great guns.  I think I probably liked the 640 the best though the 9mm SP101 was pretty cool too.  If you've got one to get at a good price, jump on it with both feet!
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
Was at Wallyworld yesterday so I picked up one of those Universal Cleaning Kits that Chico Bill posted about earlier.  Put a little silicon grease (Super Lube at HFT) on the threads to take out the squeak and tossed in some Q-tips and cleaning patches.  Would like to find some gun oil in little tubes that would fit in to complete the package.

Good find Chico Bill  Smile
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
Found a box of little WD-40 packets that a buddy gave to me many years ago.  Probably have 50+.  I'll toss a couple of those in the handle of the gun cleaning kit for cleaning and lubrication.  Wasn't sure if WD-40 would be good or not so I checked on their website.

Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
Started my worm bin back up this week.  Also started a new way to do a BSFL (black soldier fly larva) bin as well.  The BSFL bin is to supplement the quail food.  Also growing rye grass sod for the rabbits to give them something else to munch on.  

100 quail eggs go into lock down today.  And I'll be butchering the last 6 bunnies from the last kindle tomorrow.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
I'm sure this has been mentioned or there might be a better idea but I've gotten to where I pick up a can of mosquito repellant everytime I go to walmart, which I'll admit is rare.
This was a busy week and I didn't get as much done as I'd like.  We worked on a big house project which took a bunch of time, went to Disneyland, two of the kids got sick with colds, and work has been busy.  That said, I was able to attend a CTT Solutions (Mike Pannone) Hybrid pistol class on Friday and Saturday and it was great.  I've been carrying a firearm every day (with exceptions being able to be counted on one hand) for fifteen years and I learned more on Saturday (the covert carry portion) than I think I've learned in most, if not all the time I've carried a firearm for work and self defense. 

I used my Glock 19, which is stock except for Ameriglo Defoor sights (plain black) and a Pearce grip plug.  On the first day (duty carry) I used my duty rig with a Safariland 7285 holster and X300 Ultra mounted on the Glock.  On day two (covert carry) I used a Mastermind Tactics AIWB holster (no WML) which has both a foam wedge and Raven wing.  Belt was the Frank Proctor Way of the Gun B.E.L.T., and I used the integrated mag carrier for reloads.  Magazines were a 15rd Magpul as the primary mag with backups being 3 x 17rd Magpul mags and one of the 21rd Magpul mags (rarely used).  The Glock functioned flawlessly with the Magpul mags through the entire course... One of the guys in the class kept track of his ammo and he shot 1,150 rounds over the two days... I shot at least that much if not more. 

I experienced no issues on day #1, but on day #2, I found that drawing from the concealed holster, two things occurred pretty regularly... First, Since the combination of the wedge and wing press the butt of the pistol pretty well into my abdomen, drawing often involved pinching my skin when gripping the pistol.  I have a gnarly bruise on my gut to show for it.  That made me grip the pistol differently with my strong fingers more in front of the grip than around it.  Interestingly, it didn't really effect my shooting effectiveness (speed or accuracy).  In addition to that, I ended up gripping the gun much higher than I did out of the Safariland duty rig and the slide bit me pretty good... well enough that I had flesh and blood coating part of the slide and enough blood spattered on my face that I had to clean my shooting glasses twice and my partner insisted on taking a picture of me.  It didn't really hurt so I ran with it and it was amusing.  Again... no effect on speed or accuracy as long as I kept the blood off the glasses. 

[Image: RWECjun.jpg?1]

[Image: cDvqZFk.jpg?1]
I discovered that most of what I'm doing works well for me, but I identified some issues with my gear and skills that necessitate improvement.  The Proctor belt was great!  I've been wearing it for around six months now and this class worked it hard... I love it.  The duty holster worked great after my initial mods and I had no issues at all in the class with it.  The Mastermind holster was awesome (balancing concealment and function is difficult, but I was very happy with how well this holster allowed me to perform while completely concealing a Glock 19) but I found one issue... The whole day I never had an issue with the draw, but during the test, my shirt caught on the plastic clip and it slowed my draw.  It was my fault in that I was trying to go fast and didn't clear the shirt correctly, but in talking to some other students and Mr. Pannone, I decided that the clip, with it's semi-sharp corners, needed to go.  Mastermind has soft loops available on their web site and two sets are en-route for my two carry holsters. 

[Image: ZomfBn2.jpg?1]

It was a great class and well worth the time and tuition.  I highly recommend Mr. Pannone and his background and skills certainly speak for themselves.

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