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[split] USB SDR (Software Defined Radio)
I have something to post there you might like. For 12 dollars on Amazon you can buy a USB SDR (Software Defined Radio) dongle and with the right software it can receive FM radio / police / fire / weather / CB and just about anything in most of the radio spectrum. It can read telemetry data of planes passing overhead and even decode satellite and cellular signals. People are using it to build weather stations and radio astronomy and hackers are using it to read car key fobs and garage door openers.

Of course it comes with a little hokey antenna but you can get a fitting and hook it up to any big FM / TV antenna and when I hear "unit 135, go ahead" it's like they are keying the mike in my room. I think I did write an article about it but it's a complex subject and I think there's going to be a lot more posts.

Did I mention it costs 12 dollars? It's legal because it's receive only, though people are selling custom versions where you can transmit legally on some frequencies if you have a ham license. I think it's called HackRF. It's for hobbyist / hardware development and it won't stop you from transmitting on any frequency.
Thanks for that info. I am a ham and used to be big into comms but time, energy and interest wanes. This USB SDR is a new one on me. Going to have to look into it as another alternative.
They will sell access whether folk have a ham or not.I'm a radio dispatcher that deals with body parts.I've sent brains to Mass and other northern states.My main med deal is cord blood or retina.My job is ta send donated tissue,and save lives/sight.'08.
If you look like food,you will be eaten.

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Here's a link to a quick article I did. If you like my blog, then the affiliate links at the bottom of the article that give me a small commission from Amazon when you purchase them through my link. 

Survival Radio

I'm still planning on some big articles as I play around with it. Notice below that the software picks up the FM data stream which shows the radio station and the current song being played. I always liked that my Surburban does that. You can see the theme from Caddyshack playing. It's been called "The most complicated way ever invented to listen to the radio."

[Image: im-alright.png]

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