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Animated Knots by Grog
I didn't see this anywhere yet, seems like something we should all know.

After learning a little bit about knots at the survival training class I am kinda intrigued about learning more. So after some research I've came across this super easy to follow website with a lot of easy and effective knots for many applications.

I did find the links here in the training manuals that I posted but they seem kind of complicated compared.  

Ok, I found it. The props go to JRSC for posting this link in the Shelter section in July of 15, Sorry, got over excited, didn't look hard enough.
I also like the link to Dave C showing us how to string up a tarp.
Jam knots 3 that do it all:
This kid teaches the easiest way to tie the Butterfly hitch:

I use it exclusively now.

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