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Survival training:
Sounds like a Tom Brown school, I am psyched for you! If this was anything like what I've just finished, you will come back feeling taller. How bout a link to the school information?
(10-08-2017, 11:01 PM)ric0123 Wrote: I'm doing my first real outdoor survival class this weekend. I'm really pumped about it. They have 4 levels of classes and as you move up, you get to take less and less gear with you. After you pass the last one (which I think is a week in the woods with just a knife) you can be an instructor.

Expect a field report from you when you get back!  Smile
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
ok, so I survived my survival class (pun intended)

I'll start with the Bad.

Lots, and lots and lots of talking. Meaning, us sitting around, watching the instructors unpack their bags, talk about their equipment, knives, etc. Very, very little hands on DOING.

However, this was a Level 1 class. There were people there who had literally never lit a fire on their own before. Or ever used a knife, or pitched a tent.

The good part? The instructors were super cool. They actually listened to me, and took in my suggestions and input. They were very open minded guys that just love what they do, they aren't making a living out of it. (which is why the classes were cheap).

I got more experience sleeping in a hammock (which sucks balls)

So, I didn't "Learn' much new (except a few knots and what poison ivy looks like) but I got to meet some cool people (including a guy from Israel) and I got to practice a few things. I was very unclear as to what the camp was going to be like, so i was highly 'un prepared' supply wise on certain things. (like food). I liked that they did a night operations class (learning how your eyes adjust to low light) and a compass class (which i think is important to know)..

I will probably go ahead and do the advanced classes at some point.. The further in the classes you go, the less gear you get to take and the less 'instructing' they do and the more just watching and supervising
Very cool.
Most of us learn best through the option of monkey see - monkey do.  Before the internet, I tried to schedule two quasi-survival classes a month; hoping that one would come to fruition.  Now we have the option of watching youtube videos.  Not always a desirable option, and certainly less expensive.

Some skills classes still require hands-on.  Like the class I took in doing off road repairs on offroad vehicles.  Or the refresher CPR course - just to ingrain the latest consensus of the best approach.

There is always something more to learn.

Yes, I took a Tom Brown offshoot class.  However, I also trained with the former head of the Rhodesian Army Scouts - so I am able to trail a person all day without seeing a complete foot print. 

There is also something to remember about training - and why I throw away "graduation certificates".  I took a class with a nationally ranked shooter.  If you "Aced" his final course of fire, you won a black shirt.  If you failed, you could come back another day, pay $15 and try to qualify again.  Well, I won a black shirt.  The next week, I was back and paid $15.  He growled that if I passed the course of fire, I would not get another shirt and if I failed I would have to hand over my won black shirt.  I just said:  "you are only as good as your shooting when the time comes".  This is why I am now going to take a refresher archery class this next weekend.  Doesn't matter that I have a recurve, compound, and a crossbow.  I need to hone the basics.

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