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Deal Alert Thread
Olight is having 40% off the PL-2 Valkyrie weapon mounted light.

It was only supposed to be a 2 hour special yesterday, but the demand was so high it crashed their website. So, they extended the sale for 24 hours so those that couldn't get it to it last night have a chance today. It ends at 9PM Eastern today.
Walmart on Jacaranda,in Venice has Federal 550 CPHP 36gr for $19.94 ea [got me two while getting was good]. Haven't seen them in either Ospery or Cattleman Rd. in about 4 years.  Last  price was $18.97, so not a bad increase  in price.
Venice FLA.'08.
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(04-30-2018, 04:49 PM)kirgi08 Wrote: Venice FLA.'08.

Yes it' s in South Venice on US41.

Walmart on Cattleman now has their ammo shelves full of mostly 9mm, 40, 380, 45ACP, most major long gun caliber, 12/some16,20and 410 shot shells.
1 Remington bucket of 22lr, some CCI 50 and 100 round boxes, 38 SPL no 357or 44 mag or special.
If you're looking for a new SCCY CPX-2 for $179

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[Image: bf458245-c56a-4242-8761-eab04a6f2512.jpg]

We want to thank everyone who has already ordered an R50 Pro or R50 Pro LE for 40% off. If you haven't yet, definitely grab this 3,200 lumen rechargeable beast at the best price of the year while you can today. Don't forget, Spend $159 or more and get a free S2A automatically with your order!

*Supply is thin, order while we still have them!

[Image: S.gif]

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