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Is braided kevlar fishing line worth it ?
I have been looking at replacing my 3 old nylon fishing lines with the kevlar type has anyone any experiance using it or knowledge on it's long term storage life. My stored 3 year old line was stored in an air tight container (jam Jars) with and O2 absorber and the seal is still good, but it has turned abit yellow even being stored in the cool place in a sealed box to keep it in the dark !
I'm going to let Scout know about this thread, he may have missed it.  He's a 'fishin' guy!
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kevlar line is a gimmick or waist of money, if you want something to last longer than monofiliment try braided wire like spyder brand.
I have never had standard line go bad. If it did, just buy a new spool
(09-06-2017, 10:52 AM)Bob Wrote: I have never had standard line go bad.  If it did, just buy a new spool

It gets dry rot and breaks much easier than the described line strength. Big Grin
I like the Spierwire braided for 10+ lb fishing and the Ultracast Ultimate Mono for anything less than 10 lbs.

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