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What's your EDC pocket knife?
I like Benchmade knives, good quality.
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(08-28-2015, 11:46 PM)David Wrote: I like Benchmade knives, good quality.

I prefer the Benchmade. The only issue is if I ever need to send it back they will not return it to me so I have no direct factory support. Since I am now "retired" I no longer fall into their list of who they will return ship auto knives to. I do have a backup, my niece's husband is in the Navy and he has volunteered his services if needed.
I have a Benchmade. The clip broke so I don't carry it as much. But I will say that this knife was scalpel sharp out of the box. The sharpest knife I've ever owned straight out of the box.

I carry a Buck Bantam my EDC, I keep a Case Medium Stockman in my EDC/GHB along with a Morakniv Companion HD. My bushcraft main knife is an OTC Air Force Survival Knife. For my clean tasks I use a Case Trapper.
Piranha P1 Pocket when I am in the state, and a smith and Wesson black ops for when I head out of ky.
You need to send your Benchmade back to them. The Benchmade Knife Company has a lifetime warranty and LifeSharp services on all of their products. Even though they say they do not warranty abuse, I have seen where they have replaced abused blades and all it cost was the initial shipping.

Here is an excerpt from their warranty page:
Carry-Clip Requests

If for some reason, your carry-clip gets lost or damaged, and you need a new one, contact us for clip requests. Please include your name, ship-to address, and the knife model(s) so that we can better assist you.
Thank for the link and info!
Buck 110
Nothing wrong with them.'08.
If you look like food,you will be eaten.

I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

Quantity has a quality all of its own.
For decades I was a big fan of the Gerber LST, medium size, small and light enough to go unnoticed in the pocket, yet big enough for most jobs I needed a blade for. It could be opened one handed and locked securely. I used up and retired three or four of them along the way.

About four years ago I rediscovered Swiss Army knives. I had one (a field master I believe) as a kid but managed to close it across my finger and promptly traded it off. A friend gave me a Trekker, I was determind NOT to like it but it has been my EDC ever since. It's BIG, but has tools I use everyday for all sorts of things. The size makes it a little more useful for heavier chores. Opens with one hand and locks. The steel will take and hold a good edge.

[Image: Trekker%20Swiss_zpsf26mctxq.jpg]

At first I wasn't too keen on the saw but I've found it very useful clearing out brush in front of my trail cameras and scoring limbs for easier breaking.

[Image: Swiss%20Trekker%20saw_zpsvehei7l0.jpg]

I'm not a huge fan of the spear point either. It come from the factory about as pointy as a butter knife but that is easy to fix. I haven't used it on big game yet but I'm certain it'll get the job done if called upon. I much prefer a fixed blade for that as they are easier to clean up during and after the field dressing, too many nooks and crannies in the SAK. The Trekker's blade is long enough to carve off a nice slice of roast for a sandwich and wide enough to spread the mayo.

The only tool that doesn't get much use is the awl. I've used it a few times to scribe a straight line in lumber and to mark/start a spot for a drill bit.

The screw drivers have saved me many times. The cap lifter is always handy and I use it to spark my fire steel. The can opener gets used frequently as do the tweezers. The toothpick is handy too especially after being in the field for a few days.

[Image: fire%201_zpszbuv6plj.jpg]

I like it well enough that I bought two back-ups that I keep in my BOB's.
Never seen one of those.'08.
If you look like food,you will be eaten.

I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

Quantity has a quality all of its own.

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