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Don't Forget the Knives!
While we're all busy putting back some food, water and extra ammo in preparation for the upcoming election on thing that a lot of folks forget to stock up on are extra knives.  Here's a short PSA I made to remind ya'll to NOT forget to put a few quality, inexpensive knives back like the Ganzo knives in the vid.  Anyway, enjoy and get to prepping.

Good video!
Thanks. It surprises me how many people we get into Cabela's that are looking for extra mags, ammo and firearms but they never think about knives, axes, saws and other things to cut/chop stuff up. In a SHTF/WROL situation you'll need a good blade to process animals you've taken for meat, cut rope and to cut up other things. You'll also need a good axe to process wood for fires or to cut things down and chop them up. This just seems to be an area where a lot of people don't spend much time thinking about putting some extra knives back for either their own personal use or for barter/trade use. I mean a good skinning knife was high on the list of items that Native Americans looked for when they went in to trade what they had. I think they're just as important today. Anyway, glad you enjoyed the vid, I'm going to try to get better cameras so my vids will look better in the near future. Until then please bare with me and Thanks.
I absolutely agree. Cutlery is an essential tool. In addition to my knife collection and other tools, I'm still working on my flintknapping skills. Trying to cover every base.
Knives , axes and saws are often overlooked and when commented on it is this the best or that is the best. My knife ethos is when i find one i like i buy 3 or more of them, ranging from chinese esse 3 knock offs to falkniven A1's. Remember if and when the shtf buying any knives or tools will not be possable for sometime if ever.

I take it abit further and include older (better quality IMHO) wood working tools chisels / plains etc i get them from garage sales local auctions and ebay. Growing up my father taught me how to use unpowered tools, axes and use knives for home repair, building, woodscraft and hunting. in turn i now teach my kids and buying old tools making them good to build there own tool boxes and using them is great dad time and teaches them useful skills and keeps mine fresh.
I am with Wolfman!

My avocation has been the restoration of knives/hachets/axes purchased from eBay and even the Goodwill auction site.

I also did the same with old time, non powered hand tools.

Typically, a person tosses a knife when it gets "dull". Assume that you know the knife brands. So, under that unit with scratches is a decent piece of metal. You know how to eliminate any rust and how to easily regrind the blade.

Those items make good trading goods/rental goods after shtf. I give an example. Most people don't know how to sharpen a serrated blade. Some of the best knives in the world are $5 Walmart steak knives. When sharp, they function as well as the $40 French units my girl friend has owned. There came a point when our knives became unpresentable. Hers had handles breaking that could not be repaired and so a matching set were needed for the dinner table. I simply took the old units, ran them through a sharpening and put them in a small clear plastic container for shtf.
Or the machete. I have a Gerber Gator machete in my "go" bag.

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