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Field Phones

Above is a link to a phone system that's been developed. The store section of that site will allow you to purchase it if you like. At least take a moment and check the system out. It uses regular telephones and phone wire ( this was done for simplicity and it allows for ease of scrounging for parts in a SHTF scenario). I tested the system this weekend using a 10 watt solar panel wired directly to the main module. I ran 2 lines and my wife and I were able to have clear secure conversations off of sun power. The system is great for bug in and bug out locations or even from the house to a shop or garage. 
 I am getting ready to take the system to a get together in a few weeks to show. I have the system with phones ( 3 phones are in small Plano boxes and the main phone is in a large pistol case) and wire in a molle 2 ruck sack. It might weigh 15 pounds, so it can be a portable system. Thanks for stopping by.
The presentation went well, folks really had an interest in the system
Glad it went well!  Big Grin
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