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Short review I did on the Spyderco Tenacious and Resiliance.
Here's a short YouTube vid I recently did on a couple Spyderco knives that I just picked up.  I also have a Manix 2 G-10 in S30V and the Light Weight dark blue in S110V coming in soon so I'll put a review out on those as well. Enjoy.

Thank you for the great video.  You and our webmaster 'Racer' will get along great as he's a big Spyderco fan/collector.  I've had the same Endura (full serration) for over 20 years.  More like 23 years.  I finally passed it on to my son which is always cool for a father to do.  Simply fantastic knives.

I particularly like that 'flow through' design.  First time I've seen that.  And you can switch the clip around on those?  That's pretty cool feature!  I'm still use to the formed clip that's a part of the handle like on my Endura or Cold Steel Tanto.  The ability to position the clip would really be useful.

What's the cost on those and do they also offer serration?
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The Manix 2 G-10 with black blade cost $82 buck ordering from our 3point5 program but of course you've got shipping, transaction fee and tax so it was just over $99 once it was all said and done. On Amazon I see them for around $120 to $150 so I saved about $20 to $50 bucks depending one where I'd have ordered from.. The Light Weight Manix 2 with the S110V blade was $76 and I also ordered a couple more Tenacious knives for presents so all 3 cost $152 shipped. It's nice to work for a company that's part of the 3point5 program. I get stuff at even less cost through that than I can with my small discount at Cabela's for being an employee.

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