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The lantern thread
Jasco Eco Survivor is a newer offering. Pretty comparable to the streamlight I think. One benefit is that they donate half their profits to Water4. If you don't know what that is, look up Justin Wren. His story is pretty amazing.

Got this a while back. Not a bad little gadget. Pretty bright. The rechargeable feature is both a blessing and cursing. It has 1 wire that charges it. Kind of annoying to keep up with because if it's lost, the light is useless. I'd actually like it if it were directly attached to the light or had a compartment to stow it. The cellphone charge is a little slow. But it's handy in a pinch.
We have the LuminAid solar lanterns on our GHB. They are light weight and are good for lighting up an inside of a shelter.
(04-25-2017, 06:02 PM)Cowboy1964 Wrote: I have the UST and also both of the Streamlight Sieges (the large that takes D cells and the small that takes AAs).  The Streamlight seems to be of slightly higher quality but both are great.  Must-have preps.

Cowboy, I love the Sieges. I have both sizes. D cell next to bed and the AA cell n JEEP. A great little lantern. Recently lost power 3+ days and they were really handy. 
My wife got the pink AA model. 
Already planning on giving these as Christmas gifts next year to the kids.
I don't remember the model names of what I have. Sure, I have the obligatory propane lantern, a kerosene lantern, and candles. I thought that battery operated lanterns were a rip off - at least when they first came out. As I started to realize that not everyone has been a boy scout and handled the previously named ways of handling lighting, I took another look at the battery operated units. One in each bedroom now.

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