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My food storage plan
(11-04-2016, 05:12 PM)Cougar90 Wrote: Be careful with those soda bottles Tom.  All jokes aside, there are some pretty nasty chemicals that leach out of them over time.  I used to reuse Aquafina water bottles all the time until someone pointed out tons of research pointing to cancer caused from degrading plastic such as plastic water bottles.  Old used and cleaned Mason glass jars are more expensive but excellent for storage.  Wink

Tks... I'd never cook/microwave in plastic that's for sure... Nor big fan of long term liquid storage in them. But don't think there will be much of a problem with dry goods.
Also , my storage of these items are in a year or two before rotation and they get used.
Nice thing is if you do drop them, no problem, no mess Smile
Food grade buckets only for dry,if the plastic sweats it could transfer chems to dry goods.They make a bunch of different size ones.Try a local bakery or grocer,DO NOT get 5ga pickle buckets.Don't ask.'08.
If you look like food,you will be eaten.

I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.
(11-06-2016, 02:50 PM)kirgi08 Wrote: Food grade buckets only for dry,if the plastic sweats it could transfer chems to dry goods.They make a bunch of different size ones.Try a local bakery or grocer,DO NOT get 5ga pickle buckets.Don't ask.'08.

Lol.....pickle buckets.  I feel your pain brother.  I get around 25 or 30 every year from our high school cafeteria manager each summer.  Even packed in mylar bags your beans and rice will still smell like pickles.  No es bueno.
I've started using them to store chicken feed, cracked corn.  Haven't noticed my eggs smelling like pickles yet.
great info here lets keeep this onne going.
Food storage plan.  The problem is other people sharing.  However, I give mine.

First 30 days -

Canned foods that do not require a heat source and do not give off a detectable odor people scrounging for food served with plastic/paperware.

Second 30 days.

Hopefully the same.  But remember, I said the other people sharing.  So, I building up 60 pounds of hardtack - the Civil War issue was 1 pound a day. 

By the end of 60 days, if things are truly horrible, we will have lived through the expected and unfortunate die off.  We also will have created small survival communities - and it could be any size - and foraging would be promoted.

Yes, absolutely, on paper, I have a year's supply of food for two people.  However, there can be a number of situations which reduce that amount.  I also have 15 fruit trees.  They don't all bear at the same time and there is no guarantee that I will be around them or that they will not have been stripped.  I also have plenty of trapping gear to harvest mice/rats/squirrels/other animals.

I remind the reader of two unfortunate truths.
1.  The Ukraine in the 1930s.  Before paved roads/motion detectors/cell phones/indoor plumbing/mine detectors, the Soviet government was so well organized to steal from the peasants that some 6 million died of starvation.  These were people who had lived primitively and/or as farmers and had otherwise survival skills not known to most people today.
2.  By 1945, even the French farmers were starting to starve.  The Nazi government had perfected the imposition of forced labor (500,000 to Germany to work the German farms) and taking the harvests in France.

Another unfortunate reality.  I have a large farm and separately a wood lot.  They will be overrun by people within a couple weeks of a shtf situation, I kid you not.

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