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Realistic fitness training...
Being an avid outdoors adventurer and having experimented with many different workout regimes, I've discovered thru the years that what worked best for me was more of an activity focused workout routine that always focused on cardio (I run 3 miles 5 days a week) and then body weight exercises (pullups with a 20lb belt on, pushups, leg lifts, lunges with a 30lb pack on, and dumbbell curls all after my morning run)... This trains my body for climbing, skiing, and carrying gear! I also once a week run a course I made up in my local park that consists of a bit of trail running with 40 ft cliffs along a river gorge that is 2.5 miles in length and includes several rock scrambles and rappels plus a river crossing! I do this with a loaded climbing pack (approx. 30 lbs) and it helps with dealing with a load and concentration under stress while setting up anchors for rappels and negotiating rough terrain!

I go shooting once a week at my friends farm and usually walk the back perimeter of his 45 acres with him and then we shoot! We run some mixed drills and switch between rifle and pistol work. we usually spend 2-3 hours doing this! Since getting my PC and plates, I've been wearing that while walking on the farm and shooting and have gotten very comfortable moving around in it. So just like my above workout routine, fitness training but for shooting! ar15

My weekday morning run and workout takes about an hour and is done before work and my once a week adventure course takes around an hour or so and I usually do this on Sunday mornings bright and early! I'm an early riser so getting this all out of the way by 8 am doesn't take away from my family! Do my shooting on Sat mornings and am usually home by noon (a lot of guys go golf Sat mornings, I go shooting) so my fitness regime fits with my schedule and my family's schedule as well!  

Don't get me wrong, I still hurt in the morning when I get up and sometimes I pull back on things a bit and will take a few days off here and there. But, I've done my best to make it a lifestyle approach to my workouts! I enjoy it and mix it up as needed... I'm not the biggest guy, nor the strongest, and definitely not the fastest, but at the end of the day I'll probably be the guy who outlasts most and do it with a goofy grin on my face! Big Grin

I'm a believer in training how you want to fight, climb, ski, hike, or whatever you want, just be sure you are training hard for it!
I like your routine(s).

I love to hike.  I need to start doing some walking and then but on a pack with some weight to get acclimated to it again.  Particularly with camping/hiking/hunting season right around the corner.  Plus I've got my annual physical abilities test next month!
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(08-24-2016, 03:40 PM)David Wrote: I like your routine(s).

I love to hike.  I need to start doing some walking and then but on a pack with some weight to get acclimated to it again.  Particularly with camping/hiking/hunting season right around the corner.  Plus I've got my annual physical abilities test next month!

I am an older guy.  Where I live is fairly warm, year around.  So my exercises are down outside, in the backyard.  On an US Army surplus sleeping mat.  This promotes absorption of vitamin D. 

I did the following research on fitness exercise:
1.  consulted with Kaiser physical rehabilitation;
2.  read writings by a current fitness medical doctor who examined achieving and maintaining strength;
3.  read writings and examined multiple photographs and diagrams by a late fitness doctor who headed a federally sponsored council on fitness who was concerned with diagnosing and recommending exercises for specific parts of the human body;
4. read the writings of fitness coach.

My basic exercise routine is done prone.  No specific, rigid order.  1/2 the exercises are done face down.  1/2 are done face up.  The routine involves stretching and using body weight in opposition.

1.  I can stop and rest when necessary;
2.  If an exercise is done with one extremity, the same exercise is done for the same amount of time with the other extremity.
The objective is to complete all of the exercises during the day.  Interruptions are ok. 

Would I like to be able to do the Marine Corp 50 mile forced march?  Yes.  I was not able to do it when I was 17, though.  Today, I am 71 years old.  Yesterday was Saturday.  I assisted in teaching Argentine tango, levels 1 and 2.  I can do the follow or the lead.  Then, I took an advanced tango class.

I tell a little story.  Years ago, I was at the YMCA.  A gentleman came in to join and complained that he was not able to do a simple movement.  He demonstrated.  He lay flat on his back.  He was not able to raise both legs.  Ok.  Somebody reading this blurb will want to try the following.  Lay on your back.  Lift both legs together in the air.  Simultaneously, lift your head and put your arms up and out. towards your feet.  This is a jackknife position.  Ok.  You are in a jack knife position, just like when you were a baby or small infant.  Now hold that position for 10 seconds, 20 seconds or 30 seconds.  This is just one of my daily exercises.  So, I don't need specialized equipment.

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