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"Safe" gear color
I'm looking to start building up some kit. Like a range belt and maybe a plate carrier in the future, I'm not too sure about the plate carrier idea yet, but I do see the prudence of having the armor if its ever needed. 

I want to take some civilian tactical weapons courses sometime in the future. You don't get much of that in the Air Force, it makes sense not to waste training dollars on troops that don't need it, but I do wish we could be trained at least a little bit in those skills. I digress. Most of those courses require a load bearing belt or vest of some kind, I'm leaning toward a "battle belt". That's what we've been calling LBE for years right? 

I'm sure there are many opinions on this, but what is the "safest" color in a WROL situation? In my opinion mutlicam, ACU, etc. looks too "operator-ie". But black is "scary black gear". I'm leaning more to black or olive drab because they're both solid colors and are pretty low key, I don't think they would stand out all that much. 

What are your thoughts?

EDIT: Same goes for get home bags and such. I try not to be too alarmist, but just like a belt/carrier in a WROL, going to "town" to get supplies, what kind of bag would carry? Would you wear LBE and openly carry a weapon(s)? Or conceal carry and carry a nondescript backpack to carry home your supplies. I'm full of silly questions like this, I think me and my generation have been fooled into thinking nothing could ever happen to our civilization so we never think about this kind of stuff.
I tend to skew towards OD green for my stuff. My PC is black because I use it at work, but if I had the change I'd replicate it all in OD
OD made sense for me for years because so much surplus stuff from around the globe was some variant of OD and could reasonably match when worn as a complete ensemble. Now it seems like a lot of the older OD stuff is gone, and the stuff that replaced it in whatever pattern is itself now surplus.
I would think that in a WROL scenario, weapons being worn openly would be the norm
I agree with OD green. Absolutely no to ACU... That pattern was a fine waste of money. The most effective camo pattern since the British redcoats.
Haha! Don't forget the ABU and that blue camo thing the Navy wears.

I like OD, but is it the most inconspicuous? I mean, black will stick out too, OD may blend in with other clothing better than black.
Perhaps something khaki or coyote brown would suffice. Best bet for going grey man.
I'm really not trying to be argumentative, I read through my post and replies and it seems that way to me, I'm really trying to decide what direction to go. I laughed when I read your last post JRSC, because we have now gone through just about every solid color available! I just need to pick one!
I like to keep things interesting lol. I do believe that OD green, coyote or khaki is the best way to go. I'm getting the vibe that khaki may fit your needs the best.
I settled on OD and Coyote Tan for everything. Keeps everything simple and fairly interchangable! Plus it will work for most environments.
Pos looking gear.'08.
If you look like food,you will be eaten.

I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.
If your wanting to blend in so to speak khaki would be the way to go. Maybe find a way to keep it looking worn and old. My wife and I use regular backpacks for our car bags so as to look civilian if the time comes. A while back I had a chance to pick up 5.11 pants cheap but passed because they screamed law enforcement. If I understand your original post correctly you are wanting to be inconspicuous. With all the protests and riots lately the last thing you want to look tike is military/law enforcement. Khaki or the like shouldn't be too bad. Look at the colors your local police use as well and avoid those colors too.

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