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Well, it is offical...
"My brother was/is having an issue with chipmunks and squirrels.  To the point they were getting up inside his truck and eating through wires and such."

I've heard of using everything from cayenne pepper, dryer sheets, moth balls ,etc.

In VA, pulled into the cabin at 8pm. Next day at noon went to start the truck and all the dash lights were on...  Opened hood to fine nuts all over the place and a bundle of 15 wires chewed up. Took me an hour to reconnect all for temp repair ( thank goodness for color coded wire ).

Neighbors stated they use clove or mint oil on rags

I know a .22 or a trap is the only thing that really works !

PS.. trapping and moving only works if you take them > ten miles. At 5 mile tests of painted gray squirrels show more than 75% return after a short time.
Yeah, when I worked turning wrenches for Oldsmobile (back in the early 70s) we used to get cars with the wires all torn up from squirrels.

Okay, I got one more.
I PLANTED New Zealand Spinach here (I know that was what the seeds said I planted), but what came up is clearly not New Zealand spinach.  It is not a mimosa tree, as there are millions of the little mimosas around here and it is not that.  Anyone have a clue as to what this might be?  It is growing in a straight line, right where I planted. I am going to take some more of the New Zealand seeds and put them in starter cups to see if I get the same thing.

[Image: DSCF15271_zpsirwgfnr3.jpg]
Mary Jane?  Big Grin
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Well, that it is not.
I swear that is where I put the New Zealand spinach. I checked the seeds, and they look like New Zealand spinach seeds are supposed to look like. I have been through everything I have planted, and there is nothing which would put out that plant. I don't want to pull them if they are edible, but I will be darned if I know what the heck it is.
look like ferns but NOT like any spinach picture I seen... ( looked at pics of NZ spinach and that ain't it )
OH!  NO!   Huh

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