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knife , tools, multi 'thingie"
Wife picked up a few of these multi tools - knife -  things...

They're sold by Duluth trading ( over priced imo at $20 ) but she said she didn't pay that much ( must be learning my tricks about guns Smile ).  Coupons ? Smile

Not bad overall and with the extras, so I put them into the car backpacks. And I 'll never stop from buying things for me.

Anyway here a pic;

[Image: HARD_19281_BLK_FR.jpg-495x495]


Heaven forbid you end up marooned and at the mercy of bad weather and wild critters. But if you do (through no fault of your own, of course), the Beartooth Survival Knife has more than a dozen ways to help keep you alive and kicking. It's just just 6½" long, yet holds an astonishing array of essential tools: firestarter and tinder; fishing line, hooks, sinkers and floats; a sewing needle and 3 safety pins; bottle opener; screwdriver; and SAE, metric, oxygen and spoke wrenches. Plus it’s wrapped with 9 feet of 550-lb. paracord – handy for building a shelter, setting a snare, or lash the knife to a stick and you’ve got yourself one mean spear.

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