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Thread name changed: War on Police
It's a lot worse,they are stalking leo.'08.
If you look like food,you will be eaten.

I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

Quantity has a quality all of its own.
Sadly enough, these murderers are being called "heroes" and "avengers." Expect this to become the norm.

Officer shot in Kansas City. According to Zerohedge, they were responding to shots fired. That seems to be the MO lately, fire a few shots and wait for LEO's to show up. Ambush. Not sure if this is the case here at this time.
US gangs plan attacks against law enforcement
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
This is another legacy that is all Obama - having the worst race relations since the 1800's.
It's not all Obama. I know everyone wants to point to a single "Pet Cause" of theirs. But honestly, all that does is divide people. If you believe it is Obama, then it will all get better in a few months. Doubtful. The President of the US doesn't have jack to do with the policing of the 50 States. Here is a more realistic approach:

#1 Decriminalize victimless crimes. We wouldn't have so many issues if police were not compelled by ridiculous laws. No law has ever stopped anyone from taking drugs. Marijuana is a significantly less dangerous drug than Alcohol. We spend BILLIONS - including the manpower - to fight it. One issue - stop TRYING to police things that don't need it. Less reasons for the State to even get in your business, less problems.

#2 Good police defending bad police. When was the last time you saw a department call in sick because a complete piece of angry asshole crap cop who abusing his State granted power (with a badge and a gun) called him out etc? Sure that happens. But ten times as much no one says anything, and sometimes they even have his back when they shouldn't. Sorry - when I'm giving you a gun and the authority to point it at me, you flat out out need to do better than everyone else.

#3 african Americans need to stop focussing on #2 above. (Which is a good reason to stop giving them a reason…by the way). When you account for twice as many killings of your people as you are proportionally in the population, you have a serious cultural problem. Sorry - not racist, just reality. Yes, a lot of that crime is drug related! (See #1). So take drugs and bad cops out of the equation, and yeah….now we don't have anywhere to point really.

#4 Here is a tough one… Social programs designed to help that are systematically destroying the family. That's a big part of the reason for issue #3, but impacts many besides that group. Everyone will say "Well you shouldn't have got knocked up" or ""Well then, let the kid starve" Big words from tough guys…because you don't have to watch the kid starve. My thought - if you are going to let someone die, two things: #1 Don't be a puss about it and just say yep, gonna kill that little one. Them #2 Man up and do the honorable thing. Anyone with any strong sense of both morals and will that hunts will tell you that you don't let the animal suffer. So volunteer for stab the hungry little kids duty.

And I will argue that most of the above are because .Gov is growing. Yet you want to vote for Red or Blue. When was the last time ANY of them shrank anything…..

You can't make things any better by blaming any President because they don't have dick to do with any of that. And if you fix only ONE of those, you won't change anything either.
(07-26-2016, 11:55 PM)Bob Wrote: It's not all Obama.  

No, he's just the current poster boy for the New World Order.

Quote:#1 Decriminalize victimless crimes. 

I would respectfully disagree that drugs are a victimless crime.  Drugs leave a lot of destruction in there path.

Quote:#2 Good police defending bad police.

Agree.  Police are not above the law and should be the one's setting the example.  From driving the speed limit to how they conduct their personal lives.  Of note, our agency instantly fires anyone that gets caught drinking and driving regardless of rank. I think that is the right approach.  It should be noted that specific segments of the populace will always have a problem with authority regardless of the right/wrong decisions of police.  Ferguson was a good example of this.  That's why it's referred to as the 'Grievance Industry'.

Quote:#3 african Americans need to stop focussing on #2 above.

I state that the term 'African American' is part of the divide, and is used on purpose FOR this purpose.  Unless someone has citizenship from a country in Africa AND the U.S. they aren't African-American.  Simply a PC term used to couch racism.  I know only one person that can legitimately be called an African American...and he's white!  He was born in Africa (Rhodesia) and is now a U.S. citizen).

Quote:#4 Here is a tough one… Social programs designed to help that are systematically destroying the family.

That's the plan...destroy the family unit.  One way the NWO can achieve their world population of 500 million (which means a LOT of people have to die to get to that number).  Hillary's hero (one of them) is Margret Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood.  And it has nothing to do with helping parents.  Margret was a racist who wanted to kill all black people.  So why not put the abortion clinics in lower income areas and kill them before they were born.  That's not a conspiracy theory...that's history.  Go look her up.  And Hillary loved her life's work.  Yet the low information voter lets' that little tidbit go right over there heads.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
Regarding Drugs -

All of the effort to stop people from making choices to destroy/damage themselves has not done anything. People still do them. There are drugs IN prison. So…fail. And the crime around drugs is ALL because they are illegal. See Alcohol as an example of what happens with decriminalized substances.

Regarding African American -

Yeah I find that offensive. Always have. But my offense doesn't matter.

Regarding the Family

Again…I don't think there is a "plan." A lot of what happens is simply the consequence of well meaning but short sited individuals trying to help. I have dealt with a lot of "Healthcare" helper type people. Same thing. All they want to do is help. And in an immediate sense they do. But five steps down the road….problems. Cost, long term fails, etc….

Big hearts and weak wills/minds breeds that faster than any conspiracy could be put together.
I believe in legalizing Marijuana but not all drugs!
(11-10-2018, 09:51 PM)Scout Wrote: I believe in legalizing Marijuana but not all drugs!

Dave - you can believe in anything you want; Reality is that you can't stop people from ingesting any substance they choose - especially since most grow in dirt!

By criminalizing them, all you do is end up making more problems than there were before you did that.  If they legalized Heroin tomorrow - the people who did heroin would still do it, the vast majority of people who don't do it still wouldn't do it, and there would be a narrow margin who would try it and it would go wrong....and as there is today - there would be people who used it occasionally and were just fine.

But criminalize it and immediately you create a "sexy" factor about it, glamorous outlaws that buck the system, a need to spread misinformation about that destroys any authorities credibility, and the need to police it in terms of prevention, and build an extremely expensive system that incarcerates people for a victimless "crime" thus not really a crime. And then there is the black market that arises to meet the market demand...and the crime that goes to fund that. Opium has been legal through most of known history. Society did not collapse or disappear - in fact it thrived and grew.

I agree that Heroin is not a good choice...but it is not my place to say that for you.  Tobacco and alcohol probably cost society far far more a year than all the smack ever consumed.

Now - if your goal is to control people, eliminate their freedoms, and build a militarized police force, to implement your governmental control under the threat of force and the end of a gun barrel.  Yeah...make a lot of things illegal!

I think Marijuana is a great example.  People have a lot of beliefs about things - at the end of the day, the facts just don't stand up.  While there is no golden test with a pass fail score of is MJ bad for society, it is so far down the relative scale of "bad things" that it is ridiculous that we even have a discussion about it.  McDonalds is worse for society than weed.  So I have to ask what is really going on?

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