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Handcock fabric going out of business
If it's not too late in your area, Hancock Fabric is going out of business.  Why does this matter? Because they sell canvas, and they also sell ripstop nylon.  Later, I'll post pictures of my really ugly hammock under quilt that I made for under $20... and I also made an   8' x 8' nylon tarp for under $10, that folds up about the size of a sandwich.

As Hancock goes under, they price on materials is getting cheaper and cheaper and cheaper.  Grommets,  nylon, canvas, nylon webbing straps, etc..   Since I don't think many prepper types go into fabric stores, i'd suspect that those items will be the last to go
Thanks for the tip!   Smile
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I went to Handcock today to see what was left. only 9 more days before they close up.

So, Ripstop nylon was left over. Heavy duty stuff. get this.... $2 a yard.. and a yard is 60" wide. So, for $4, you could have a tarp big enough to cover a hammock.

Also, safety orange fleece was...... $2 a yard. I bought 11 yards... I'm making a double layered sleeping bag for two... my new gf wants to go camping with me. So, 35 feet x 60 inches wide.. for $25.. The rest I'll chop up and give away as in-vehicle blanket give outs..

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